Reconnect With Your True Self

Is there a part of YOU that knows YOU are missing a couple of keys that will open the doorway for you to create the life you desire?

We all play unconscious games that are disempowering our journey but it is time for you to become aware of how they are impacting your life. When we shine light on to the arena (physical journey) the game will change.

Together we can uncover the different roles you are playing in your life game.

We will define the empowering energies that will support you to flow forward with ease while acknowledging what no longer serves your journey.

This is the path to “Reclaim your Authentic Power”

Together we start with educating the mind to lower the anxiety as life adjusts to a new reality. Then we can move forward with your spiritual growth by differentiating the voice of the mind and the soul.

Desired outcome for our work together:

  • Increase your awareness of how you unconsciously give away your power
  • Learn tools and techniques to hold onto and manage your personal energy field
  • Enable you to start taking the steps to create the life you desire
  • Uncover what really makes your heart sing so you can design a fulfilling roadmap
  • Find the value that your life journey really offers
  • Ultimately You will learn how to love and value yourself. The vibrational match to this will have your life flowing with ease supported by grace.

Reclaim Your Power Package

  • Mentoring /Coaching plus Crystal healing bed session allow 1.5 -2 hrs
  • These can be done in person, at your home (if you live in Melbourne) or via skype/phone and surrogate “Crystal light healing bed session” for long distant clients.

Jenny starts with an in depth session that will begin to uncover the underlying issues to what is holding you back the flow of your life. She will assist you to develop a strategy for moving forward with Ease supported by Grace.


Message From Jenny

I have learned over the years if you are new to this journey you will definitely get a major shift in one session but for you to hold this new vibration moving forward into your everyday life you will need ongoing support.

To honour this knowledge, I tell clients upfront this is a journey and I offer ongoing support via email, phone, person to person session and long distance surrogate work. All sessions provide energy cleansing and balancing that allows amazing healing outcomes. I can design a package that fits with your desired outcome.

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I have had the pleasure of working with both Jenny and Gary for a number of years now. They supported me emotionally through one of the most trying times of my life, I often doubt whether I would have stayed sane without them.

Jenny has been mentoring me for several years, assisting me to rebuild my life after losing everything I owned. She has helped me to view life from a spiritual perspective which has helped me understand the energy games we play and to also let go of past hurt that was keeping me stuck.

Sometimes you need someone to take your hand and guide you through the darkness... your life won't be the same after working with her!


Katarina Heart -

Our Gift To You

Inside: Get your life back on track with our “Reclaim Your Power” starter session and flip chart. We will also send you the Soul Mastery weekly report with insights to help keep you motivated and on track.

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