Dark Night of the Soul

The Dark Night of the Soul Journey usually starts with a Massive Challenge in one or two areas of your life. These scenarios can no longer BE ignored.

Are you ready to meet your “AUTHENTIC SELF”?

Sometimes we are aware that change is needed but somehow the mind convinces us to wait, recommending we be quiet for a little longer (Maybe ………) or makes excuses why now is not the perfect time. Your LITTLE VOICE justifies your choices “I will just take this job to pay X bill and then I will be ready to change. “If I just do XYZ he will change.”

I could write a whole chapter on the little voice / internal chatter of the mind. This is part of the physical game of the mind seen through the eyes of power and control.

Is it time for you to find the pathway to access Your Authentic Power available via your spiritual journey

Does it feel easier to listen to the banter of the mind rather than owning the fear/ pain you have been hiding for years?

I understand and remember feeling a similar way.

“In truth we all have pain and terror hidden under a block of concrete buried deep inside. We have bought into the story that “It is not safe” to uncover these feelings. Yet we have never been taught how to deal with our emotions or feelings so it was easier to ignore them.”

It's Time to change this story NOW! Part of the process is to create a safe environment to allow your emotions to arise with ease supported by Grace.

Together we will uncover the magic your emotions/ feelings hold that will turn your life around so YOU can begin to live the life you desire.

I provide one on one support via phone email or skype.
  • Your sessions will include mentoring / coaching in person and long distance if your situation requires.
  • You will also receive energetic cleansing in person utilising my “Crystal Light healing Bed” along with my personal intuitive readings that add incredible valuable insights to support your healing and awakening.
  • I will provide support and education so that you can use the tools provided for the rest of your life.


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If the challenge you are facing has bought you to this point of NOW to take action, I am ready and totally committed to your transformation.

They say when the student is ready the teacher arrives.

This is your time to learn how to find the wisdom and healing that your emotions hold, to reconnect to your energetic support team that together offer incredible transformation via healing and clarity on how to move forward.

If you have reached the point where the fear of not doing this work outweighs the fear of what your emotional system may hold within. Fantastic, let us get started together, you no longer have anything to lose by trusting the journey and everything to gain.

A bit about Jenny’s story

At times this work is scary so the value of having someone who has walked the Dark Night of the Soul path and come out the other side inspired to share her journey with others is invaluable and very rare. All along jenny travelled this journey with the intent to acquire wisdom, tools and understanding of this game called life so she could pass this to others travelling their own journey.

Jenny experienced her Dark Night of the Soul firstly on her own and then fortunately with the support of some incredible teachers. She now acknowledges without their support she may not be alive today. For jenny she was facing financial ruin and yet knew she needed to hire a guide/teacher to support her through the darkness. This actually bought up the issues she needed to release, all was perfect.

Was it easy? No Way!

Was it worth it? Absolutely!

If YOU have read this far NOW can only BE the time to start your spiritual connection intensive because the longer, you wait; the challenges only ever increase until we ultimately get hit by the MAC TRUCK scenario.

For some this moment is already here. That is OK because it is always perfect even when it feels overwhelming.

Jenny’s Personal Vision – Is to support YOU to connect to the wisdom that is held within your journey we call “The Dark Night of the Soul’ This is when you are being called to reconnect to the journey of your soul, a sacred contract that you would have agreed to before incarnating into this physical body. I have travelled the road with the intent to be able to learn how to support others. My role with you will include being a guide, teacher, friend and doctor to both your physical and spiritual aspects.I am looking forward to teaching different processes and techniques that can be used in the moments of need.

I will hold the vision and vibration of wellbeing at ALL times especially when the physical reality does not match this vibration.

Together we will be creating a journey that will enable you to remember the connection that has always been present between your mind and the soul. We are going to shift the driver of your physical vehicle from the MIND to the SOUL. In future your life journey will be designed in alignment with your Authentic self.


This requires understanding the language of your mind and your soul. Differentiating between both allows you to access Authentic Power. Everyone’s journey is different yet similar so the principals shared support everyone’s reconnection.

I will teach you how to be able to access the wisdom within the challenging and magical times

Increase your awareness so you can recognise the value of your emotions and access the gift of healing and growth held within the present experiences.

This is a true path to freedom!

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I have had the pleasure of working with both Jenny and Gary for a number of years now. They supported me emotionally through one of the most trying times of my life, I often doubt whether I would have stayed sane without them.

Jenny has been mentoring me for several years, assisting me to rebuild my life after losing everything I owned. She has helped me to view life from a spiritual perspective which has helped me understand the energy games we play and to also let go of past hurt that was keeping me stuck.

Sometimes you need someone to take your hand and guide you through the darkness... your life won't be the same after working with her!


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