Healing From The Inside Series

Releasing the Habits of the Past by Healing your Present

Each individual lady in the "Healing Ladies" art series has been divinely created to help you release emotions that may be keeping you stuck or creating dis-ease or illness.

It's time to find the fun and joy in our life again! To learn to be able to laugh at life’s challenges and blessings. Who is ready to come on the ride with me?

This series has been created as a tool to support your healing and awakening. By remembering our connection to all aspects of self we gain understanding, clarity and ultimately personal growth.

We are both spiritual and physical, science and the mystics are starting to agree that we cannot deny any part of ourselves. The goal is how to find balance between a materialistic word of the west and the Spiritualists of the east. As with every aspect of ourselves we will always have 2 choices neither one right or wrong all the time.

The aim today is to find a balance while not denying either perspective. This will require a wider context of how we view life and this physical journey. We are both material and spiritual, one energy expressing itself in two ways matter and consciousness.

Neither is good or bad, we do not need to choose we can have both which will increase the quality of our lives and experiences. Our physical bodies can experience life and our spiritual aspect holds the wisdom of how to do and what to avoid, when we meld both dynamics we can experience heaven on earth.

The body is absolutely amazing creation working like a finally tuned orchestra in harmony no conflict. If the Body is the house the soul is its guest and there is no need for either party to fight the other.

Yet we have been taught since childhood that for one to be right another must be wrong.

For one to have possessions it is normal for another to have minimal. That we are unworthy and sinners because this gave religion a chance to control what we did and how we would respond to rules and regulations.

I am suggesting we are travelling through a time of change that requires a new way of thinking and analysing the life journey.

These insights have not always been available to the masses because they hold the wisdom for you to take the driver seat position within your life.

We all have beliefs and attitude that may not serve our journey moving forward. You will benefit by challenging old ways of being when you are ready to embrace change.

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Here I offer a general overview of my work and the premise I create from:

Working from the understanding that the above is true and the awareness that our school system did not give us the tools or words to navigate life’s challenges from this context prompted me to share my insights that have appeared over a 25-year journey of discovery.

  • We all have sacred contracts for being on earth NOW.
  • That everything is energy in motion and as human being we experience this as emotion.
  • We all have the ability to heal ourselves
  • EVERYTHING that happens is supporting the evolution of our SOUL
  • What happens no longer is personal yet feels and looks personal. The truth is in all situations we are offered healing personally for us. (Big Shift)
  • This awareness will enable us to drop judgement, blame, excuses that has been dropping our energy vibration and I am here to offer the HOW!


  • When we stepped into our physical body (Skin Bag) we agreed to forget our connection to the non-physical realm to experience the duality that physical life offers.
  • It is a blessing and an honour to be on earth at this time of transition.
  • We only get ONE of these skin bags, the quality of your life will depend on your ability to love it or hate it no matter how it presents.
  • Our sacred contracts impact the experience’s that we encounter supporting our personal evolution
  • If we do not get a certain lesson the first time it will keep presenting because it IS serving our higher journey.
  • If from birth we remembered our connection to all that is with all knowledge and knowing, we could not have the fullness of experiences that brings emotion to the surface and ultimately provides healing necessary on a multitude of levels.
  • As we heal from the inside and through the layers we will remember our connection to all that is opening unlimited potential and Possibilities.