Healing From The Inside Series

Releasing the Habits of the Past by Healing your Present

Take a moment to pause and look at each lady individually. One will speak to you! It may be a strong feeling or you may hear it - just feel which one is reaching out to you.

1st Lady - The Witness

There is magic activated when our pain is acknowledged and witnessed supporting use to heal the past. The emotions that are activated in times of challenge offer a gift of healing. We start to learn the value of not taking what happened personally.

She offers the gift of Confidence and Self-Belief and comes with lessons on how to Release your Emotions.


We benefit greatly when another can witness ‘What Happened’ here you receive the gift of confidence and self-belief to break old habits.

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2nd Lady - The Mentor

Will support you to understand the value of letting go of old habits that could be impacting your success. She brings the gift of Clarity to access the wisdom of how to move forward. Her lessons awaken the understanding and value of forgiving another and yourself, it holds the key to awaken inner wisdom while supporting you to let go of the past stories.


The act of forgiveness is the key that opens the doorway to your inner world, The Mentor brings the gift of Clarity of how to move forward to the life YOU desire.

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3rd Lady - The Teacher

Here we explore the truth of what happened compared to needing to speak your truth. She will help you to understand the part you played via your hidden agenda’s that have been unconsciously impacting your decision making. When we become consciously aware of the games we play we can choose to adjust. She shares the gift of Trust in the process.


With your Teacher you will explore the hidden agendas that have been impacting your decision making, great opportunity to change with ease. She adds the gift of Trust.

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4th Lady - The Director

Your spiritual director will support you to understand the voice of the chimp compared to the voice of your authentic self. She offers questions to support self-examination moving forward. She will hold the energy of Grace as you own the part you have played, requesting support from the higher aspects of you. The gift she imparts is Courage to travelled the journey to Heal from Within.


Together you learn to define what decisions will help you create the life YOU desire. It time for more fun, laughter and connection. She complements the journey with the gift of Courage.


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5th Lady - Healing Through the Layers

Gain Clarity & Connection to Purpose.

These individual pieces will talk to their potential owners. Have you question what you love to Do? How would you like to Feel?

These ladies offer the gift of Courage and Self-Awareness supporting you to make the breakthroughs required to create the life you desire.

BE DEFINITE with the INFINITE. Examine what is holding back your experience of Success and Happiness.

This lady asks us to review the beliefs held at each chakra level while committing to doing emotional release on all that appears.

You would benefit from purchasing the teaching on each of the 4 Healing from the inside ladies supporting you to make personal breakthroughs. She can become a witness, a guide, a teacher and your spiritual support team member.

I love working with my clients one on one or group sessions to make the breakthrough to support you to live the life you desire.

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Purchase Options

  • Individual Prints; 150 x 300, unframed; just $125 (includes shipping + handling)
  • Original Framed Print; 300 x 600 - $450 (includes shipping + handling)
  • Full Set of Prints 150 x 300, unframed - $400.

Comes with 10% off coaching bonus chimp. Free 30 min ph consult

  • Original Full Set Framed; 600 x 300: $1600 for the whole set comes with 20% off coaching package bonus chimp print Free 45 min ph consult to explain how to get the most out of your ladies. Define how and where to start. Uncovering limiting chatter and empowering options.

Read the full explanation about how the ladies work here

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