Has Your Life Or Relationship Spiralled Out of Control?

Inside: Discover how connecting with your soul will improve your relationships with yourself and others PLUS gain access to the tools that will help you get back in to the drivers seat of YOUR life!

Recovering from illness and emotional blockages... starts here! Including depression, adrenal fatigue, obesity and cancer - it all starts with energetic blocks in the body.

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Hi there, welcome to Soul Insights my name is Jenny Leather, Transformational Life Coach & Reclaim Your Power Facilitator. Myself along with my husband Gary have been helping couples and individuals get their life back on track with ease.

Recently one of my clients described my gift as the ability to "Turn her shitty situations into golden wisdom".

I am an alchemist at heart! I loved the idea of "turning shit into gold"!

We work intuitively with clients to uncover what is holding them back from reaching their potential. Starting by getting very clear on ‘what makes their heart sing' and 'what they want to achieve'.

 Be Definite with the Infinite!

What Do We Do?

  • Corporate Coaching; get your team running at maximum efficiency
  • Inner Healing; we can help you move beyond traumatic life experiences
  • Relationship Coaching; rekindle the spark and save your marriage / relationships
  • Conscious Coaching; learn to connect with your soul and allow the life you want to unfold
  • House Clearing; if something isn't quite right with your home and if you're wanting to bring it back in to balance or have it sell sooner, we can help!
  • Crystal Healing Bed; clear your blocks and restore balance
  • Speaking & Events; book Jenny to speak at your next event

How to Work With Us

  • In Person; at our Melbourne clinic or on our healing farm
  • By Distance; over Skype or Phone
  • Weekend Live-In Retreats at the Healing Farm

A Happier, Brighter Life Starts Right Now!

Learn how you can tap in to infinite abundance and create more joy and opportunity in your life with the Reclaim Your Power process.

Sometimes when you’re stuck so deep in your own shit it’s hard to see a way out. Life events such as abuse, divorce, death of a loved one, loss of a career or even a business collapsing are major life events that can throw us in to crisis.

You don't understand why you’re not getting better quicker, but you suspect there’s an answer that you don’t know about - like something is missing but you can’t figure out what that is.

You’ve probably already been down the traditional paths such as doctors and therapy looking for answers, however you may still be experiencing;

Our Gift To You

Inside: Get your life back on track with our “Reclaim Your Power” starter session and flip chart. We will also send you the Soul Mastery weekly report with insights to help keep you motivated and on track.

We value your privacy and would never spam you

"Before working with Jenny and having 'crystal bed' sessions, I had managed to build a successful career and a very comfortable lifestyle on the back of a LOT of overwhelm. I was getting burnt out by my full-time job and the online business that I am running. But after having just a few sessions with Jenny - I implemented changes in my work to allow completing the most important projects that make a difference without sacrificing my wellbeing and working less. It felt like having a personal business and emotional coach. I feel productive and more centered. I've moved into a space where true confidence in myself and my business interactions feels more effortless than before. I don't get caught up in 'blah-blah' stories as Jenny puts it and establishing a better connection with my values and expectations of others. I highly recommend Jenny's services to anyone, you have nothing to loose and so much to gain."

Anna Samkova