Relationship Healing

Relationship Coaching/Mentoring provides individual Sacred Support so you can gain Clarity on how to move forward with Ease.

"The most important relationship you'll ever build in your life - will first be with yourself"

We are proud to say we have been married for 29 years.

Gary would say you get less time for murder and he could trade the boys in for a Ferrari. The sense of humour definitely helps with challenging times.

Yes! We have also made many mis – takes along the way. We are open to sharing them because this is how we all learn and benefit. We have a desire to share our insights and wisdom that we have acquired over the last 28 years of raising our sons.

Our intent is to increase your understanding about the value all people that appear in your life bring to your overall journey called life.

What Do You Desire?

Where are you experiencing challenge?
  • Do you want to find the LOVE that appears LOST within your present relationship?
  • Examine, what did you love about your partner? When and what has changed?
  • Own how you feel and learn a new way to communicate what you desire and expect.
  • Bring the fun back!

Or Is This You?

  • Do you want to ensure you are Emotionally available to Attract a Partner?
  • Uncover the emotional blocks so that you are ready and available to enjoy that special person
  • What is the story you are telling yourself around relationships?
  • Do you need Support “When Love Walks out the door?
  • Healing the pain of rejection and loss. Ultimately finding the value for you moving forward.
  • Do you want to find the Strength Within to leave an Abusive Relationship?

In all these situations having a 3rd party support person makes it easier to see what may be getting in the way of you achieving your desired outcome.


It is great when both parties are open to receiving support, the work moves forward with ease, if and when each is willing to own their position within the stressed relationship.


If your partner is not open to coaching yet you have the desire to understand why the relationship is no longer working, then it will be very valuable for you to do the work on yourself allowing you to make informed decisions moving forward.

Sometimes that means leaving the relationship without blame. Understanding that you both have served each other’s needs up until now. Also this work ensures that next time you meet a special person you really understand what you desire and will accept. You will have a greater understanding of what went wrong and will have healed the underlying problem within you, enabling you to show up as a different, fuller version of you.

I will help you understand the games you are unconsciously playing within the relationship. This allows you to heal the neediness or jealousy that maybe present. We all have underlying stories that are impacting our relationships, if we are not aware of their presence then how do we heal and clear them out. In general, most people do nothing and just accept a lousy life is all they can ever deserve.


I have noticed over the last 5 – 10 years there is a category of really nice people who are not able to find that SPECIAL person. The game has changed we want more but what does that look like and is it realistic. Together we will uncover the programs running that have kept you unavailable energetically, these programs/ stories are blocking potential partners into their energetic field.

To mention a few:

  • Fear of commitment
  • How will my life change?
  • Fear of loss of freedom
  • Financial obligation
  • Stories around their parent’s relationships
  • Not worthy
  • All men/women cheat

Once we uncover your story we can untangle the truth and prepare you to meet your special person.

Definitely a game changer!

Do you fit in one of the 4 categories above?

Are you ready to find out how to clear the path to ensure you can create the outcome you desire?

I f you answered YES I would love to work with you. Give me a ring or send me a message so we can have a 15 min chat and discuss how I can help you move forward with ease.

Love always


Jenny has the amazing ability to work on a deep energetic level and change the way things are in a person’s reality. A ‘new’ way of ‘feeling’ is how I would describe it.

After a simple, easy conversation and personal discovery session, Jenny then gives tools to use in everyday situations, as well as an intuitive perspective on your current situation or issue, which gives light to a whole new way of feeling about it.

The remote healing then occurs and when I woke from this, I immediately felt release, relief and in alignment.

Jenny channels higher energy in a way I have never seen before and I would highly recommend a session with her. This was my second one (for totally unrelated reasons) and both times, the healing was instant and continued to be felt for weeks/months afterwards. The first time was physical pain, the second time was emotional. Both times- unease was gone immediately.

The follow up and support is also a testimonial to the love and care Jenny puts into all her session and clients.Thanks Jenny, you’ve helped change a lot of unease in my life and I’m very grateful.

Trish Rock -

Are Our Sessions Right For You?

We have worked with many different people, from many walks of life to assist them to get back on track, our work is simply transformational, however it's not for everybody. We offer a free 15 min call with Jenny to discuss what it is we do and to see whether our work will be right for you.

How to Work With Us

  • By Distance; over Skype or Phone
  • Weekend Live-In Retreats at the Farm
  • In Person; at our Melbourne clinic or on our healing farm

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