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Jenny has the amazing ability to work on a deep energetic level and change the way things are in a person’s reality. A ‘new’ way of ‘feeling’ is how I would describe it.

After a simple, easy conversation and personal discovery session, Jenny then gives tools to use in everyday situations, as well as an intuitive perspective on your current situation or issue, which gives light to a whole new way of feeling about it.

The remote healing then occurs and when I woke from this, I immediately felt release, relief and in alignment.

Jenny channels higher energy in a way I have never seen before and I would highly recommend a session with her. This was my second one (for totally unrelated reasons) and both times, the healing was instant and continued to be felt for weeks/months afterwards. The first time was physical pain, the second time was emotional. Both times- unease was gone immediately.

The follow up and support is also a testimonial to the love and care Jenny puts into all her session and clients.Thanks Jenny, you’ve helped change a lot of unease in my life and I’m very grateful.

Trish Rock - www.trishrock.com

I have to tell you about the amazing session I had on Monday with Jenny Leather.

I went to see Jenny for some simple aches and pains that I've been experiencing since leaving my last business and beginning my new venture.

During our consult she was insightful, gentle and firm - not easy to embody all those qualities, but such a blessing when someone does. She was able to draw out the underlying issues without dramatising them, or going into the whole "story" around them, and then the Crystal Bed session, what can I say? It was AMAZING! I felt the most relaxed I've felt in years.

You know how sometimes you don't realise what's been missing until you have it again?

That's exactly what it was like. Bliss.

And if that wasn't enough (and it so was) the after session consult was even more enlightening! Jenny has a new, and I would say improved way of seeing and explaining things that actually speaks to your DNA.

The results have been nothing short of amazing. As I said I went to Jenny for some simple aches and pains (which are stubbornly still trying to hold on - what am I gaining by not letting go?) but I received so much more than that.

The shifts in both my body and the very depths of my being will change me forever.

I'm so looking forward to working more with this wonderful woman in the future and I highly recommend that you book in with her as soon as she can fit you in.

Thank you again so much Jenny

Chizelle Salter

I have had the pleasure of working with both Jenny and Gary for a number of years now. They supported me emotionally through one of the most trying times of my life, I often doubt whether I would have stayed sane without them. Jenny has been mentoring me for several years, assisting me to rebuild my life after losing everything I owned. She has helped me to view life from a spiritual perspective which has helped me understand the energy games we play and to also let go of past hurt that was keeping me stuck. Sometimes you need someone to take your hand and guide you through the darkness... your life won't be the same after working with her!

Katarina Heart - www.womenswebmarketing.com

Jenny offers genuinely kind & sincere personal growth support. I have experienced this in recent 12 months. Her ability to facilitate healing through the crystal bed process is astounding and the individual spiritual development and results are stupendous! My life has changed for the better in so many ways. I have learnt so much about myself as I navigate through the mid-years. Spirituality I am so much more aware.

Thank you Jenny.

With love and respect, Susan Smith.

I came home from work one night to a crowded house, so to speak. While the only physical occupants were myself, my partner and my cat it truly felt like there were hundreds of people squeezed into our little house, all of them talking at once. And not all of them good.

I started hearing noises. I would get up in the middle of the night to check on my cat that was meowing as if in distress only to find she was fast asleep and never made a noise. Someone would knock on the door but no one was ever there. All the time the people in my house would laugh. When the terrible dreams started I knew this was bigger than anything I could deal with. So I called Jenny.

She and Gary came quickly. They cleared the house swiftly, moving from room to room including the garage and the backyard. Then they cleared us using her “Crystal light healing bed” to support the process.. After they had left, the house was empty. It was quiet. I wasn't looking over my shoulder anymore. The cat stopped sleeping in corners and claimed her favourite sleeping spots again. And after a good night sleep, I felt alive. I didn't realise how drained I was until I woke up and I didn't look like a ghost anymore, so to speak.

I can't thank Jenny and Gary enough for giving me not only my house back but my life. When you can't relax physically, emotionally or spiritually in your own home it takes a massive toll on your entire life. I've discovered just how important it is to have a safe haven for you and your loved ones, free from unwanted energies. And Jenny and Gary are the perfect team to make this happen, thank you.

Lindsey Leigh Hobson - The Motivation Coach

www. makeithappenlifecoaching.com


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