Understanding the Money Game

The Value in understanding the money game in relation to your Freedom

This is a very simplified version of what is happening in the world around money. The derivate system that was created is insane yet it was designed for only a few to ultimately succeed. This is why we have so much financial crisis around the world. It is all manipulated, it had to happen!


Ultimately the breakdown of the system will be for the good of the masses to enable all human beings to Reclaim their Power. To be able to design a life that is aligned to their hearts desire.  Wow! Imagine living a life that had you feeling happy, is that not the purpose of this game called life?


The reason I bring the money topic up here is because if we have no idea of the games of life, how can we learn to play in an even playing field. This game at the moment depends on us staying ignorant and it is time to redesign your position and reclaim you god given power.


In today’ world money is created by people going into debt. Every country in the world has massive debt which is a major reason for all the financial trouble.


Years ago all the money in circulation was required to be backed by physical gold. Countries were only allowed to borrow no more than their actual asset base.


This made it impossible for the governments and corporations owned by a few families to print enough money to expand at the speed they desired. So they created an adjustment to the law that enable then to literally print unlimited funds ultimately devaluing the currency of the country.


If you dilute something does it become more or less valuable?


History shows that originally banks were required to hold at least 10% of the deposits on record in physical cash; today they will be lucky if they have 1 % due to some creative bookkeeping.


They (Government and large Corporations) also needed us the human being to desire more and more material goods so that we would be required to stay in debt. They knew we could not work enough hours to earn the amount of money to live the lifestyle that they were selling. Our debt allowed the banks to create large amounts of money.  Conservatively $20 -$30 for every dollar you borrowed.


So the marketing machines started to work on brainwashing the people to lose perspective on what was really important in their lives and replaced it with what they could have to make them happy.


Now we have the choice to Reclaim your Power.


While we are all unconsciously brainwashed into feeling the need to buy the next best electrical device, keep up with the fashion trends along with buying a home with the entire fit out on day one. This as I explained requires you to keep expanding your debt position and ultimately enslaved to the banks, once you become aware of the game you can start making decisions to RECLAIM your POWER..


This debt game leads ultimately to surrendering our lives to slavery ensuring we need to work to pay even the bare minimum per month. Understand this is not your fault, this is actual all occurring by design to keep us worker bunny’s to benefit the few elite families. Keep us in the energy of NO POWER.


In truth they (Government and large corporations) do not want us paying off our debt because that would limit their printing press capabilities and we would not be able to be easily controlled.


Let’s be very clear Money is created when we or government choose to borrow more funds. When government borrow a dollar they actual owe $1.05 depending on the interest rate that is added at the point of creation. So let’s look at that if we borrow $10.00 yet owe $10.50 how is there enough money in the system to ever pay the money back? There is not! This has accumulated to the point the financial world is at the moment.


So what can you do? Knowledge equals power so I suggest people have a general understanding about what is happening. The only problem is that this knowledge brings up a lot of emotion about being betrayed due to being lied to all your life.


These feelings are reasonable but not valuable to hold on to because they can cause you to become stuck in what is happening, when we desire to produce a different outcome. The quicker we go through this stage the quicker and better you will flourish on the other side.


Understand YOU are not your emotions, they are feelings attached to stories that the mind believes to be real. Your emotions are presenting themselves to be released to support your healing. THEY ARE A GIFT. Whatever triggers them to arise is a GIFT. When you really understand this information at a cellular level you have found one of the KEYS to HAPPINESS.


I will share techniques we used to let go of the emotion of anger, rage, frustration, all good emotions to allow to leave you physical body.


This is not an overnight quick fix, this is a journey we can travel together. Choose to participate by asking questions and sharing your challenges. We have walked the path and are willing to share our insights COME PLAY.


Love always


About Us


Adapted article for chapter in “A cup of cappuccino for the Entrepreneur’s Spirit”


Jenny and Gary Leather–The journey to find the entrepreneur within required us to tap into our deepest creative energy, a part beyond words and beyond our thinking mind. Sometimes we create unconsciously, without being aware of how we are creating. We have spent the last twenty years understanding and mastering the process so that we can share the journey of creating with you, from a place of ease and grace.

We live in Melbourne, Australia. Married since twenty-four and have three beautiful sons. Jenny as a young women, saw herself as “not smart” because her grades were average, diagnosed dyslexic at 10 years old. Historically, we know that many entrepreneurs are challenged at school because they do not like being told what to do or how to think. But as a young woman, she did not know that she was an aspiring entrepreneur. She just knew she was “different.” On review Gary recognized he had always felt different as well. What they also had in common was “bloody mindedness” and determination. Her academic challenges were not going to stop her from following her dream of becoming a nurse one day. Gary’s spirit of adventure would inspire them forward through life challenges that would present..

Everyone told Jenny to be realistic, and asked her to consider something else. For her there was no second choice. In her heart, she was going to be a nurse. That unshakeable belief and commitment to do whatever it took were early signs of the entrepreneur within. The belief that what you want is possible, and the willingness to hold the tension until it arrives, is a core part of the magic of creation. Gary dream was to go to Australia even though his family and friends ridiculed his passion as an 8 years old young boy. For him it was a done deal this trait has been a gift all his life. The magic happened  he arrived in Melbourne at 22 years old..

Amazingly to others, Jenny was accepted into nursing and enjoyed the profession for over twenty-five years. The work was extremely rewarding and she eventually worked as an intensive care nurse with very small, sick babies who needed organ transplants. But toward the end of that time felt burned out and yearned to do something different.

Another factor pulling her in a new direction was Gary’s dissatisfaction with life, and our son’s challenges to fit the normal model (go to school, achieve high grades, go to university). Gary had grown up in England and was blessed with the spirit of adventure. He travelled half way around the world and found true love in Melbourne. After settling down to married life he started his own structural steel drafting company. After 20 successful years he stared to get itchy feet looking for the next adventure. The energy that comes with enthusiasm had started to decrease. So what does an entrepreneurial-minded couple do? How do you support your husband’s desire for change? Go in search of answers outside the normal box.

We started to study success as we contemplated starting another business. What made one person successful and another unable to take the first step? There were many so-called “gurus” with questionable answers.  We also found an amazing number of wonderful teachers as we tried to discover the best path to take.

Despite the fact that we were still somewhat afraid to venture out onto a new business terrain, we started investing in positive cash flow properties. Excitement and that energy that follows powered us forward. We went on to buy thirty properties in eighteen months. Our dream was to buy back our time, but instead we accidentally created another job–managing the properties and running our core business. We thought we were invincible and believed everything was going in the right direction, even though we had little free time. We enthusiastically kept pushing ourselves to learn more, studying both business and personal development with some of the best teachers in the world. Finally we decided to raise the bar and move into property development and investing with likeminded partners.

At first we thought the journey was about creating many millions of dollars. We did not understand the complexities that accompany money, and that there was no guarantee that monetary success would ever bring us to a place of joy, peace and contentment. In truth, despite our financial success, happiness was elusive.

Jenny felt all her old demons showed up, “Who do you think you are? Remember you are really not smart enough to achieve your dreams.” She had to examine whether this chatter was real, or if it was a way of holding her back from creating a greater life. Later we came to understand that we create it all–the so-called mess as well as the magic. We never really create one without the other–they are part of the creative process.

Larger projects brought with them bigger opportunities and challenges. The value of our personal development training became clearer to us. We were able to handle the many situations and challenges that presented themselves. We also learned that when developing larger projects, doubt can return more strongly. When we asked ourselves if we could stand in the heat of potential failure and still be okay, we were able to answer, “Yes.”

Soon after this, however, our youngest son was diagnosed with Burkett’s lymphoma. Throughout this ordeal we were strengthened by the same “bloody mindedness” that helped us earlier. Others have asked us where we found my strength. I think any parent with a sick child understands they draw on an internal power, God, universal energy. There are many different ways of explaining the unexplainable. We knew that we were not alone. Seven years later, Daniel is healthy and clear, but our financial world has been somewhat challenged due to decisions we made during this tumultuous time.

Today we are closer to understanding this universal energy than before. We came to understand that everything is connected: the entrepreneur in us is supported by the same energy that helped us cope with our son’s illness. More importantly, these situations have taught us that we are not our money, our house, or our car. We are also not just a mother, father, wife or husband. There is a part of us that is larger than all these roles.

This understanding has given us enormous freedom. For us now it is about asking better questions, not about having all the answers. “How can we enrich our personal journey? What experiences will bring us joy and happiness together? What do we truly value on a day-to-day basis? How can we use our experiences and insights into this journey called life to benefit likeminded individuals?” Ultimately these questions helped us to understand the answers that can support your journey.

Looking back, we achieved amazing outcomes. Yet on reviewing our life, we could see we had really been successful all along. For all entrepreneurs, I wonder if this is really our journey: to find and acknowledge ourselves and our value.

Everyone has a different definition of success. We spent years getting in our own way, but now know without a doubt that we created our own reality. By being willing to examine how we are holding our own growth back, we get to play a larger game if we want to. In truth, all challenges are a gift, an opportunity for us to learn something new. Our aim now is to play the game called life “flat out,” moving toward a richer, heart-centered life, and to share what we have learned with others.

Gary and Jenny Leather


SOCIAL MEDIA: www.twitter.com/jennyleather  and  www.facebook.com/jennyleather

AUTHORS: Jenny was Featured in: A Cup of Cappuccino for the Entrepreneur’s Spirit              ( Women Entrepreneur edition)by Jeretta Horn Nord and  they were both featured in Dale Beaumont Secrets of Property millionaires Exposed

EDITOR’S NOTES: Jenny and Gary Leather live in Melbourne, Australia; they enjoy their role of speaker and coach focusing on a well-rounded version of wealth success that includes transformational healing. They are passionate about assisting individuals and groups to reclaim their own power so they can be in the driver’s seat of their lives. They feel we all create our outcomes, sometimes we need to be assisted to understand the real game of life.