Day 29 – Is the education system for or Against us?

Day 29 – Is the education system for or Against us?

Day 29 – Is the education system for or Against us when it comes to our emotional empowerment?

I found myself thinking about this topic this morning as I travel along the journey of surrendering 12 kg to the universe with ease.

Interesting to ponder why we do not teach our children at school, the power of their mind and emotions to be able to heal old programs and limiting beliefs at an early age. Who designs these lessons for children and what was their intent? Time for change and only we can make this a reality.

I realise I could have spent the majority of my life making a difference, bringing my gifts and talents for all to experience and share.

Instead I have hide because at some level I lacked belief in my own potential.

Wow how different life would BE!

For people to understand this possibility:

I would be required to give people a different context around this experience/ game/ movie called life. What are we hear for? Awaken to our full potential to experience living in a physical existence.

Who Is the “ I / we”? Our authentic self, our spirit, and soul all that is and has decided to embark on another physical journey. WHY you may ask?

To expand our own personal growth in the higher realms of existence is one component of why we are here at this time. To help support the raising the vibration on earth for all, has been the task for many of us who have been leading the way to awaken to a different reality.  Ultimately we all return to our spiritual reality at the end of our journey. I figure I am going to do the work to heal all aspects of myself that show, this time around with the hope (Ha Ha) next time can be with greater ease. (No guarantee)

My Job is to find what makes me feel joy and calm and “what are the things that has me fall out of balance”? Neither of these experiences is right or wrong, better or worse they are what they are, the important component is


How quickly can I let them BE without attachment or agenda understanding the gift of healing they bring forth?

If the feeling experienced is perceived as negative GREAT, let it go hand it over to a higher power that supports your journey. Whatever that is for you! (God, budda, allah, higher power, universal energy, love). Better out than in, as the emotion moves on new and empowering energy can take its place. With ease we can move with the supportive energies that show and enable us to takes the steps required to move forward with our lives.

What happens when we are in a space of overwhelm and the mind has such a strong opinion on how things SHOULD be. Perhaps the feelings of lack of control are that scary that you cannot take a step forward. This is the time to get help, I was fortunate that the teachers arrived when at some level this student knew she was ready for change.

I love supporting people who are ready to receive; you can take a horse water you cannot make them drink. Are you clear about what your want to create?

Have a great day

Love Always


Day 28 – Power of Emotions

Day 28 – Power of Emotions

Day 28 – Of Sharing my journey of surrendering 12 kg to the universe with ease.

Yesterday I had a session with Nicole Rigato on the St John of God crystal healing table. For people who have never heard of the power of crystals to facilitate high vibration energy that supports healing go to

The environment allows higher energies to work on all different levels of your numerous energy bodies to support transformation and healing of limiting belief’s, old paradigms and dis-ease that have been holding back your potential.

Early in the year I had been very sick with asthma and nodules on my lung. With one session the nodules disappeared just leaving a white scar mark which on having a repeat cat scan they told me they have gone. Then the next session I asked for work on my hip that has arthritis from an accident when I was 22yrs old. I have been using pain killers and anti-inflammatory tablets on and off for years. I have used none since that session.

Today I had my third session preparing me to use the table to support other clients awakening in conjunction with their personal growth journey.

I have been asked to write more often and to share my journey of connecting with life via my heart connection with all that is.

I realise sometimes you need to fall pretty low before you scream for help from anyone who is listening. I was later to learn that you need to ask before angels or higher beings can step into support your journey.

I remember feeling very low due to the loss of a property development which came with the loss of large sums of money from our own accounts and also investors: some of which were friends and family. I really reached a place of not caring whether I lived or died but in truth that decision was not up to me. One afternoon I got hit by a car at the local shops, the driver could not see me through a blind spot and his backing light was not working so I was not aware of his movement until I found myself lying on the road.

The local shopkeeper rang Gary and my son Marcus who came straight away; I was fortunate to only have a bump of the head and some missing skin. On driving home I realised how lucky I had been and contemplated the fact that it was not my time to leave earth.


“What was it that I needed to surrender too? Everything that was happening! “

I did not want to face losing the family home or the lifestyle I had been living for years.

What did I have to heal, release or learn more about? The emotions attached to the underlying stories that I was giving my power away to. The story that had me believing that I lacked what it took to reconnect with my unlimited potential.

As my human journey begun little did I understand when I took that first breath on earth I had unconsciously agreeing to forget all previous insights and knowledge that I had acquired through many life times. I had made sacred contracts to learn experience and heal parts of me this life time. I realise now I am continuously given opportunities to fulfil this journey and to raise my vibration so that I can manifest with ease.

It is all about the vibration that I am emitting into the world!

This is why my thoughts and feelings are so important, Thoughts become real manifestations, the key to the unconscious thoughts I am having are highlighted by the emotions I am experiencing.

Hence the importance of stopping and checking in with how you are feeling at least daily.

When my emotional state is positive I am in the energy of taking responsibility for all my actions and reality. Negative emotions are more likely present when I am judging another or myself along with justifying why something is so. Every time I blame another or make an excuse why I did XYZ I am giving my power over to another.

When I realised I was the common denominator in all my life situations I started to see the value of taking responsibility, looking out for the learning’s that come with insights as I expanded and grew into the amazing human being that I am in every moment.

It is an extreme blessing to be on earth at this time, I am very grateful to see “what am I going to learn next”? I have shared earlier this week the value of owning your emotions

Have an amazing day, back tomorrow

Love always


Day 27 – What do I want to create throughout my life?

Day 27 – What do I want to create throughout my life?

Day 27 – What do I want to create throughout my life?

To find a duplicable path to experience joy and happiness beyond the daily apparent challenges that appears.

To let go of the story that says challenges is wrong, it is apparent the test comes before I acquire the insights available for my personal growth.

If it is my destiny to inspire / support others, so be it, if not that is OK as well.

With the understanding that all that is showing is ultimately supporting me to remember my greatest potential. Whether it is: the weight loss journey, the financial upheaval or the business evolvement that I have showing up presently in my reality. It is a matter at watching the synchronicity of the unfolding events that are occurring and how I feel in any moment.

Alongside the apparent events I have incredible support working with my friend and coach Isabel Vidal from South Africa and Nicole Rigato who is supporting me to work with and through St John of God, Very interesting times.

Life is always offering keys to support understanding or personal healing.

Is there a common theme? Yes to each of these experiences in the past I have given my power away for a multitude of reasons I am no longer prepared to accept.

So now I need to be awake, observe with inquisitive eyes.

Each situation without judgement of right or wrong, if it is present it is as it is. Tuning in regularly to see how I am feeling while having the intent to allow all these emotions to keep moving through and beyond me. In recognising whether these thoughts predominately inspire me to keep moving forward or are they holding me back. I am happy to say I feel very motivated to keep going with the flow of my life.

The relaxed content space that I am holding feels good, the unknown is present yet I am Ok for now. The self-judgement has greatly eased and I feel I am flowing with life.

Ready for a new and exciting day!

Enjoy the day

Love always



Day 26 – Sometimes we Stagnate, All Good!

Day 26 – Sometimes we Stagnate, All Good!

Day 26 – Sometimes we stagnate, All Good!

I have experienced times were the physical manifestation of my dream seems to come to a halt. I can see it as a time for review, reassessment prior to uncovering the next step or I can get hard on myself and limit my growth.

Now let me think which option I will chose, keep to my clear vision clear in this case “Slim trim feeling terrific” Maybe today I have to do something different to kick start the weight loss for the week. As is normal my body has gone into freeze mode, time for a walk and a dose of bran.

I remind myself to remember “You have surrendered 5.2kg to the universe with ease” That is a lot of weight to be carrying every day. Focus on the jeans that I wore the other day that was stuffed in the back of the cupboard so I was not reminded that they had become too tight.

I am experiencing gratitude for my commitment to create a healthy temple to live within. I visualise my body moving with ease as we travel the world experiencing new and magical places and people.

Feels good excited about the future as I take that next step each day.

What step are you going to commit to today that will take you a little closer to fulfilling a dream. I remember to focus on the value of appreciation in these moments

Love to hear your feedback

Love always


Day 25 – I have only just Begun!

Day 25 – I have only just Begun!

If we are experiencing challenges we are growing into an unlimited possibilityDay 25 – I  have only just begun

Whether it is a weight journey or a business project it always feels like I have only just begun. You reach the peak of one mountain only to find the next one on the horizon.

The trick for me now is to follow my feelings and inspiration. What am I enjoying doing?. Does it make my heart sing? Is it bringing me closer or further away from my vision of inspiring others to follow their heart?

Each journey comes with its own unique ups and downs all designed to support my personal growth even when I am not aware of what is required.

I have to trust there is a bigger picture at play. It definitely makes life exciting!

I have a choice to buy into the struggle that maybe apparent or I can go with the flow of the current understanding my journey is being supported by a power I am yet to totally understand.

Life is good, magic occurs as I wait to see the ultimate outcome.

Let me know what you are passionate about achieving?

Enjoy your day it is a choice.

Love always