Sometimes we need to start with faith.Day 21 – Expressing our Gifts and talent – the world is in need!

I love watching the talents that arrive on the X factor and Australia / USA / Britain got talent shows. The ones that you feel goose bumps when they sing; it is like they are channelling an angel or a famous talent of the past. They don’t need to try they just BE and then DO then the desired outcome/ HAVE is a given. Pure Joy!

Are they guaranteed fame and fortune? No because raw talent is one component of a big picture that evolves every day. Life does not come with a guarantee. The ability to feel those feelings will always be there if they remember their why they sang. If they do it JUST for the money (Getting sucked into the ego game) life may send many challenges they need to overcome eventually finding their way back to connecting with the raw purity.

I am starting to own my hidden or not so hidden talents, I can see how I got drawn off MY path by the expectations and promises I thought could be. All good now obviously there was so much I needed to learn and heal before I could fully hold my own power. The challenges only highlight what needed work so the process could speed up.

When I was in the thick of my crazy reality I lost the ability to see my own gifts and talents. I needed to seek help!

I needed to learn to see my ability to inspire others to take the next step required to fulfil an outcome. To intuitively know what may be going on for a person and to come up with that next easy step. To educate and open people to new possibilities and potential experience’s is one of my visions.

I do not do this on my own; I get support and insights from a higher power, a part of me that does not live on this physical realm. Call it intuition, wisdom or knowledge from experience; it really does not matter if it adds value to other people’s journey.

When I was a nurse for 28 years (I worked Royal children hospital coronary care unit) I would get a sense that something was wrong with a baby, the machines did not tell us what was going on yet with 10 hrs the symptoms showed. With my own boys, our middle son kept getting ear infections and I would know 24 hrs before the doctor could see the problem. Over the years he got to know ‘Kevin is going to be sick tomorrow” and I would agree. It became a joke or I would just wait one more day.

I had never heard the word intuition or at least paid any attention. I thought that is what all nurses did because of their education or a connection between mothers and baby. (I learned to always trust the mum) I was later to realise I was tapping in to something that most of us do not understand yet have the ability to fine tune for yourselves.

I would suggest start to ask “What did you enjoy as a child?” What dreams have you set aside? How have you made a difference to another human being? These may help uncover some of your gifts and talents.

As a child I would sing out in the backyard pretending to be a singing star. I obviously loved the response from the pretend audience. I am sure that is why I like teaching and talking to groups from my experiences via my heart.

Bye for today, Enjoy life

Love always





Jenny and Gary Leather

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