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Welcome to Soul Insights

We are diamonds of unlimited potential and so are you.

We play many roles, Wife, Husband, Mum, Dad, Daughter, Son, Nurse, Draftsman Teacher, Property investor, Life searcher etc.

These are all part of our journey to understand our potential. None of these roles are any more important than another. They all provide insight into how we hold back our potential and surrender our power to situations.

We believe we are here at this present time to:

1. Heal our past challenges and to step into being an inspiration to others.
2. To support individuals to embark on their journey of healing and awakening to their greatest potential.

3. To understand this physical game from a deeper viewpoint, that of our own soul’s intention…

It is our belief that it is time we all understand our physical life from a deeper spiritual depth.

Do you ever think there must be more to life than you are experiencing now?

Are you on the treadmill of life and missing the joy and happiness that is your god given right?

Our emotional and physical health depends on this learning!

Our goal is to support others to awaken to their own potential and supply / share both tools and insights that we have acquired to support this level of awakening.

We understand that we have only just begun, who knows what we yet do not know. It is very exciting when you realize the potential for growth this knowledge can add to your life.

When we were able to take responsibility for all that happened in our lives both good and so called bad (There really is no such thing) we were able to start to Reclaim my own God given Power.

We learned years ago when we blamed another or made excuses we were giving our power to the other person. We gave them control as to whether we could move on with our life or stay controlled by their response. No More!

Professionally Jenny spent 25 years as a Royal Children’s Hospital nurse. She loved working with children; they had a simplicity and honesty that obviously touched her heart. She always enjoyed caring and serving others but sometimes to the determent of her own wellbeing.

Jenny was later to understand this was a pattern within her life. In truth she had a program running that many people have that says something like “I am not good enough” so she spent years trying to get acknowledgment and recognition from others. Her internal chatter was not complementary. Maybe you can recognize that the things you say to yourself you would never say to your best friend.

It’s time for that to change NOW!

Your best friend needs to be YOU.

It took her 50 years to understand the true value behind this statement.

What patterns have you got running that are draining you power?

Come along on the Journey with us to explore and discover how to “Reclaim Your Power”

Together Gary and Jenny have spent 20 years studying personal and wealth development strategies that included:

  • EFT (emotional freedom technique),
    NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming),
  • Life Coaching & Counselling
    Sedona Method,
    Archetypal energy study.
  • Jenny is a Clairaudient channel that connects to the wisdom of your soul

Together they studied with many leading teachers and became a Robert Kiyosaki “Rich Dad instructor” in 2006. They purchased 30 positive cash flow properties in 18 months. All these experiences have supported our understanding of the physical journey from a spiritual perspective.

Hopefully we can support your journey into understand this reality as your truth.

P.S Jenny want s to add she was diagnosed with dyslexia when she was 10 years old If you are looking for perfect grammar and punctuation then you are on the wrong site. If you are looking for knowledge to support empowerment then we are on the road together. This starts with letting go of rights and wrongs leave judgment behind because it will not serve your journey.

Love always – Jenny and Gary

Jenny and Gary Leather

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