The Value of Understanding Congruency and Integrity Part 2

The Value of Understanding Congruency and Integrity Part 2

On reviewing my journey: check out part 1Congruency and Integrity Part 1 yesterday if you missed it,

I love looking back over my journey and examine why I made the choices I did and how those decisions impacted my energy levels. When I was able to become the observer of my journey I could feel I was on the road to “RECLAIM MY POWER”

My energy started to shift when I was willing to BE responsible for all outcomes I was experiencing.

Have you ever found yourself in a meeting or out for dinner when people are big noting what they are able to do or achieve but something within you suspects that they are exaggerating the possibility?

In hindsight, I have been in these meetings but at that time I was unable or willing to listen to my own internal warning system, intuition has been given to us all, as a support program that many are yet to understand its potential to save us from a lot of pain.

My message now is too  “Trust your own knowing”;   be willing to ask more questions to ensure people’s authenticity. If they do not like the questioning; so be it, be willing to walk away.

 If you are worried about what they will think of you, BE VERY WARY, this may be a warning sign of your willingness to put other people needs ahead of your own. If the deal is really  for you it will be there tomorrow.

At a different level in these meeting; we understand that the soul of each individual connects in the first seconds of the meeting and knows straight away if the person speaking is coming from a space of truth or exaggeration. When a person is really out of integrity and their intention is to deceive you, your soul sends an emotion of discomfort felt as anxiety, it is then up to us to be open to this messaging. We need to be able to stand in our own truth, question or walk away.

This has been a major lesson for me to learn especially when I feared the reality of the situation. I found myself in a situation where it was too late to change my mind. I found out too late that we had been lied to and deceived; the time came when I need to accept the consequence that was not easy to accept.

Loss of our family home, I only share this with the intent to save others a similar pain if possible. We all have to travel our own journey of discovery.

I needed to come to the understanding that there was something within me that needed healing and understanding for me to be able to teach about the human journey in the future.

I struggled to accept this reality because I wanted my life to go a certain way yet I had set the intent to understand this human game through the eyes of my soul.

I was to realize to truly understand the mind, body soul journey I needed to experience the ups and the downs from a non-judgmental space. This was to take me years to master and hopefully I am starting to see the magic in the many facets of this game called life.

The truth will always appear in life yet the timing may not happen when you expect it to appear.

Truth has a persistence and strong energy!

When we forget our true potential and ability to manifest in alignment with the universe we can get caught up in others journey; finding ourselves attempting to be enough through their vision.

I can now see myself unconsciously bending the truth due to lack of homework or research ultimately had me creating more crap to deal with in the future until I got the insight and learning’s that were available to me.

Healing comes when we are willing to stand in the sapce of taking responsibility for our part in the journey.

Hard lesson to learn yet I found it amazingly valuable to my journey and intent to awaken to a truth of my physical journey?

This appears to be a way of awakening to the illusions that encompass our lives on a daily basis; we seem to be able to manipulate meaning to suit our unconscious agendas, interesting game.

When you understand that the challenges that life sends are present for us to grow and mend the parts of ourselves that need transformation, we start to look at these circumstances from a space of gratitude.

Fantastic opportunity to take responsibility, heal how we felt that had us needing to inflate an idea and decide to operate from a space of honesty and integrity knowing that at any moment we are enough.

Have a great day

Love always





Congruency and Integrity Part 1

Congruency and Integrity Part 1

My whole journey over the last 10 years has been about me learning how and when/ why I give my power away to life situations or individuals. I have then been willing to do the work to release how I felt within these circumstances so I could finally understand this game called life from the perspective of my mind in collaboration with my soul.
Different task I know but ultimately it leads to experiencing freedom to BE ME.
The journey of life has taught me that Honesty, Truth and Transparency in all tasks that I undertake is essential, I mean sharing the good, bad and the ugly from this perspective will attract the support of the universe to open the door of opportunities to support me to fulfill my vision for my life.


“We either are healing the wounds or

 fine tuning our talents!”

 I have learned over my 20 years of personal growth journey that sometimes it has been hard to define when I was operating from my the mind / ego desire; compared to when I was open to hear the divine guidance that has me following my heart.

 Initially I did not even understand there was a difference! I was unaware of the shadow components of the different areas of my life.

 I did not understand the value of being consciously aware of what I valued in determining my experienced reality. Was my values driven by a mind materialistic value code or was I able to step back and BE in alignment with my higher vision for this life? BIG QUESTIONS!

 Whenever my mind chatter had me giving my power to another person’s journey leaving me in a position of having no control or a defined role; this should have shown me I had sidetracked from my own greater vision journey for a time.

 Why did I do this? Lack of understanding my full potential. Obviously I was not BEING who I needed to BE to fulfill my vision for my life. I have realized all happens in divine timing and sometimes there are things we need to learn or heal to fulfill our vision.

 I needed to heal low self-esteem and self-worth issues so I could recognize my talents as a gift from God. It seems to me as I work with numerous clients many of us have the similar experience disguised within a slightly different story. I believe we are programmed to have experience’s to support our heart’s desire to awaken to our own magnificence;  I now understand we all have this amazing potential that is not fully understood.

 Personally I have finally surrendered to being open to become the inspiration that will ultimately inspire others to follow their heart. To let go of the stories that have me giving in to playing a smaller game due to the fear of what people may think or how this journey may impact my life. To understand all experiences are perfect for where I am in every moment. I figure I am either growing or healing and I choose to do it with ease supported by Grace.

 Life truly is amazing and I finally feel blessed to be on earth at a time of great change.  When the mind and soul are in balance and magic is following this pattern of thought.

 This has me in alignment with the universal laws of life and open to the full support that the universe has to offer.

 Part 2 will follow tomorrow

 Have a great day

 Love always



Why Is Our Wealth Deteriorating Rapidly?

Why Is Our Wealth Deteriorating Rapidly?

We are asleep to our own truth and potential!     Do you want to awaken?      Your answer will set you fate.

“Sorry for the doom and gloom but it is time to BE real.”

I am sometimes stopped in my tracks when I hear reports of the US Government agreeing to spend $100,000,000,000 in the next 6 months on fighting War globally. (This happen this week( This is while their own people are losing their jobs along with their homes and millions of people eat via food stamps in a country that WAS the land of opportunity.  In Australia we will follow if we do not learn NOW!

Get very clear the powers to be do not care about every day HUMAN BEINGS they actually want you to stay asleep and not realise you are being slowly boiled.

What has happened to us all that we do not take action in the millions? Why do we not see the truth in front of our eyes?

Someone once told me if you put a frog in a boiling pot he will quickly jump out yet if you put him in warm water and slowly turn up the heat he will remain as he slowly gets use to the heat before it is too late. He has no POWER to jump.

To some degree this is what has happened to the majority of human beings / citizens of USA, EUROPE, BRITAIN and AUSTRALIA. The countries that thought they were indestructible have been conned over many years to BEING part of the overall problem that stems from the energy of lack and greed. (simplistic explanation yet true)

The government in conjunction with the banking system have slowly boiled us especially over the last 35 years.

We were sold a story that had us believing we could have and do everything we wanted without consequence. We could steal materials from the earth and chop down forests and it not ultimately impacts us all. We could allow the abuse of workers in one country while we took the profits in our countries.

This is the tip of the iceberg of what has been taking place. A group of men back in the early 30’s designed a banking system that would ultimately bankrupt the world; they privately own the federal reserve of America. If you do not believe me do the research, the “Federal Reserve” is a privately owned company that rule all political decisions on both sides of the fence.

I do not care about them or their actions because now the power is ours in how we respond. There is so many powers games happening in the form of wars around the world while the powers to be FEAR losing their edge. They fight over oil, drugs and so called nuclear power threats at the price of our children’s lives. They sell us the storys based in the energy of fear that they are doing this war and fighting for us this is the biggest B…. Sh….. that you will ever hear, they do not care about our sons and daughters they are trying to hold onto power globally anyway they can at any price. This requires you to BE in fear.

I am suggesting a different way, start from the energy of love. What would it say?

Would we choose to kill another person son or daughter when we do not really understand the hidden agenda? Let’s go a step further would you kill another person’s child if it meant that you would have to let them kill one of yours.

This is how crazy war is at every level, when you awaken to the truth at some level the people we are killing are also our children then we would be in continual grief. In truth maybe we are, maybe this is why we all fell asleep because the pain becomes to great.

Enough! Start to learn how to take responsibility of our life daily in all that you do and think. Together we could change the world.


Yes initially you can get angry at the levels of betrayal and lies that you have been fed all your life (That is what they are hoping for, you keep giving them power) or you can awaken to the possibility of RECLAIMING YOUR POWER NOW with EASE supported by GRACE!

This starts by learning the value of releasing the anger you feel, learning how to BE gentle on YOURSELF through this process. Ultimately the goal is to understand that we ALL play a role in this deception and the longer we stay asleep to the truth we cannot be part of the solution.

I could talk on this topic for days but in truth I would rather focus on the solution and this starts with every one of us NOW.

Thanks for reading this far, please ask questions and I will respond truthfully. Gary and I have studied this system for the last 5 years in depth globally.

Release any feeling that arise in reading this post and set a intent to learn more with ease.

Love always





Understanding the Bully Energy

Understanding the Bully Energy

Emotion is our friend when we learn how to interpret its gift.

It is a shame we are not taught in school the value of feeling angry or frustrated.

In truth we cannot experience the feeling if we are not holding it within; we have a choice to hold it in and keep adding layers and layers of the same emotion until it get heavy like concrete. This may end up with us not being able to feel anything. This would have us living vulnerable controlled by outside forces and ultimately never to find our gifts and talents.

For me this is unacceptable especially when all we need is a bit of education. There is another way we can choose to Let it Go. This can start by breaking down the story that has an attachment to this emotion.

I am not making light of being bullied because I understand within most days we are all bullied to some extent. If you are living a life filled with joy and happiness after finding your gifts and talent that you are now able to share with the world and are experiencing no areas of challenge then I admit you are probably not being bullied.

Yet for the rest of us who have been at the result end of being bullied I hope I can shift your context about what is REALLY happening.

YOUR ENERGY is being STOLEN. “Nothing more Nothing less”.

Now depending on the meaning we attach to how this feels is where everything goes pear shaped.

Let’s look at a case of a teenager being bullied in school because she does not fit the norm of the rest of the sheep in the class. Maybe she intuitively knows it’s OK to be different or perhaps she looks a different shape, colour or maybe even has a physical difference. Really the difference is not important the way this child feels is the gift, if it can be understood at the time.

ENERGY IS ALWAYS IN MOTION it is felt as EMOTION. Emotion is the Gift!

  1. If the person attacked / victim feels anger good because they have still got some fight in them, different makes others feel insecure. The attackers energy falls (If they checked in they feel vulnerable or insecure) and they feel the need to get some energy; they take it from someone else unconsciously. Depending on how low their energy is they will take it from the most vulnerable or someone who appears to BE different (unconscious the victim may feel different to them and they do not understand your value)


  1. The system does not want us to BE powerful individuals because we are easier to control if we keep playing follow the leader. Times are changing, bring on our unique gifts.



  1. When we can understand energetically what is happening and why you are then able to reclaim your power. The attack originally is not about you. It is about someone feeling vulnerable unconsciously and they are trying to steal energy from whomever they can get it. If you end up being the victim then something within you wanted to be released and this is the gift, the feeling that arises was within the attached person just hiding and lurking around from past experiences. We do not need to go to the past just sender this emotion up to a higher power to be dealt with, for me its god or my higher self, Allah, budda or universal love whatever that support system that you believe in will work.


  1. Time to take responsibility for the fact you were part of the story. You did allow your energy to be stolen and the emotion of anger, self-pity, anxiety or whatever appears happened.

Now what happens next time someone tries to pull you down? What strategies’ can you put in place to make sure you are able to handle it if it was to happen again?

  1. What we really want is for you to protect your energy making it harder to steal. I teach client to imagine a beautiful pink energy bubble all around then and seal it with a “star of David symbol”. Asking for protection from anything that is not for my higher good. I want to make clear I am not saying you will not have any challenges because some challenges are sent to make us stronger. When you have a different context about what challenges represent you can see them as a gift not a torment. This protection keeps away energies that you are not yet able to handle. (another topic)


  1. So with the energy bubble in place you will have a choice to walk away from the bully energy or you may find that your energy is too strong and they will move to someone else.



  1. If you are feeling stronger you may be able to say while standing strong holding onto your own energy, “I hear what you are saying but that is not how I look at the situation/life.” You are not telling them they are wrong, you can acknowledge their point of view but you also hold your energy by making your point. From the point of energy control you may both get to keep your own levels.


  1. Make sure that you release whatever you are feeling after this encounter. It is not about feeling elated because you stole their energy. It is about maintaining your position from an understanding YOU are all YOU need exactly as You are in every moment.

When you are able to see life through the exchange of energy instead of making it personal life becomes a whole new playing field.

Hope you enjoy, I am open for any questions

Love always


Day 40 Maybe I have only just begun!

Day 40 Maybe I have only just begun!

Day 40 –  Maybe I have only just begun!

I originally planned to write about this journey for 40 days to cement the insights and learning’s I acquired along the way of surrendering 12 kg to the universe with ease. I have now decided to drop back to tracking this personal journey once a week, to ensure I am aware if for any reason I am slipping into old patterns. Maintain conscious awareness!


“The journey of life for me is about growth and finding the experiences that bring joy and happiness into my life”.

 I spent so many years totally unconscious to the patterns and choices that had been holding me back. I now understand this is all part of the game of life; we come into this journey forgetting our potential so that we can have experiences that enable us to heal past wounds.

For me it is about reconnecting to my all that I AM with ease and grace. To share my journey and insights with those who are ready and able to hear. To find experiences that have me feeling the joy that life offers every day by being in the energy of appreciation for life itself. I have spent too many years annoyed at life for serving up experience’s I judged to be wrong.

It is funny how you can see the value in a particular circumstance years down the track. Patience truly is a virtue I needed to acquire over the coming years.

Looking forward:

I feel our economy may be coming into a challenging time, no matter what the papers or the politicians tell us. Gary and I have been following and studying the wold economy and currency for over 6 years.

“The majority of people are not prepared emotionally or physically for a massive slow down;”

 I am hoping my experience over the last 5 years can add value to others especially when I am sure this too shall pass.

The sooner we are emotionally able to navigate any situation, the quicker we will understand the value of “Reclaiming Your Power”.

Bye for Now

Love always


Jenny and Gary Leather

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