Welcome – You’re In!

Welcome to the book quest! All info will be sent to you via e-mail so please follow the next steps to ensure that you have everything you need!

the seat of the soul book group

Step One

Please go and check your e-mail and look for a message from me. You will need to confirm your email address to be able to come along on this journey.

Step Two

 Grab yourself a copy of the book!

If you’re on a budget you could check out your local library to see if they have it, or take a look on eBay for second-hand copies.

If you’re eager to get the book now you could order an eBook copy here from Amazon or even get the audio version from Audible – which you can get for FREE when you get a trial account!

Step Three

Sign up for a free zoom account here. We will be meeting to discuss the chapters live on Zoom

Jenny and Gary Leather

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