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Relationship Counselling

Personal Transformation

Dark Night of the Soul

Could Your Greatest Challenge Right Now Actually Be The Catalyst To Total Life Transformation?

Jenny works intuitively with clients to uncover what is holding you back from reaching your potential. Starting by getting very clear on ‘what makes your heart sing” and “what you want to achieve”.

Be definite with the infinite!

Sometimes it is necessary to release fear and procrastination to enable you to take the steps required to walk the path.

Ignorance is no excuse anymore! Education and Support enables people to travel the road to “Reclaiming their Power”.

We do both private and group sessions; we can design a package suitable to your needs and budget.

“When the student is ready…. the teacher will appear”

Discover Our Coaching

Jenny is a qualified Counsellor, Life Coach & Rich Dad Facilitator.

Coaching can be delivered remotely via phone or video, in person at our Melbourne location and also with one of our intensive live in retreats.

Relationship Counselling

Jenny works intuitively with you to uncover what is holding you back from reaching your potential and causing conflict in your life and relationships.

This is deep work and unlike traditional counselling methods, it is designed to empower you to be able to implement what you learn through all areas of your life for the rest of your life!

Dark Night of the Soul

Your Soul offers opportunities to awaken, your present challenge has all the keys to help you heal your past and step into the future you quietly desire.

I AM the coach, guide, intuitive healer that shows the HOW to use the keys!

I will support you on your journey to reclaim your power.

Crystal Healing Bed

This treatment is a type of Chromotherapy to which we add Crystal Healing therapy. This is a powerful mixture of light, colour and crystal radiation that positively influence the entire body in order to stimulate your healing. 

It also cleanses, balances and recharges the body’s energy and creates a deep relaxation.

“Jenny has the amazing ability to work on a deep energetic level and change the way things are in a person’s reality. A ‘new’ way of ‘feeling’ is how I would describe it.

After a simple, easy conversation and personal discovery session, Jenny then gives tools to use in everyday situations, as well as an intuitive perspective on your current situation or issue, which gives light to a whole new way of feeling about it.

The remote healing then occurs and when I woke from this, I immediately felt release, relief and in alignment.

Jenny channels higher energy in a way I have never seen before and I would highly recommend a session with her. This was my second one (for totally unrelated reasons) and both times, the healing was instant and continued to be felt for weeks/months afterwards. The first time was physical pain, the second time was emotional. Both times- unease was gone immediately.

The follow up and support is also a testimonial to the love and care Jenny puts into all her session and clients. Thanks Jenny, you’ve helped change a lot of unease in my life and I’m very grateful.”

Trish Rock

Are Our Sessions Right For You?

We have worked with many different people, from many walks of life to assist them to get back on track, our work is simply transformational, however it’s not for everybody.

Take a Discovery call to discuss what it is we do and to see whether our work will be the right fit for you.

Jenny and Gary Leather

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