Day 11 – Interesting some days you wake up feeling flat, time for the cup of tea and make some plans to get moving.

I check in with myself and notice “Sadness” is present, interesting! Yes I could tell you a blah blah story about why I could justify being sad and you would probably all agree. Then I would find myself playing the victim and the poor woe me story would begin stealing my energy. I would probably surrender to food!

No more, at the start of this journey I set the intent to surrender anything that was holding me back from BEING in my power. So be it, sadness is here, I release it to a power greater than me.( 3 slow deep breathes, with the intent and request for assistance)  I ask for whatever needs to be healed, please help. Be gone, DONE! It can be that easy if we are really ready.

Underneath there was some fear and then doubt. GREAT doubt shows me I am moving to a new way of being. Bring it on!

Change does feel strange at times. Different habits are being created and need to be withheld.

You have a choice do you go back to your old ways of not caring or do you hold onto your vision.

“Slim Trim feeling Terrific”.

That’s the one that does it for me, visualising myself walking with ease when I am 80, standing upright, confident and strong.

Do we let life and others steal our dreams? Or do we let go willingly ourselves?

NO not this time, the feelings that come with feeling healthy far outweigh any challenge that shows along the journey.

Something I was pondering yesterday, we sometimes allow other so called good meaning friends steal our dream. We mention that we are on a healthy eating plan and they respond AGAIN.

Well yes again until I learn whatever I need to, so that my vision becomes a concrete reality. Everyone has their own unconscious or sometimes conscious agenda so they respond in a way that makes them feel better.

If you become “Slim trim and looking terrific” what does it say about them?

If you become wealthy healthy and wise will you still be their friend?

Watch out that you do not give you power and dreams to other peoples insecurity. You are on a journey of BEING that which you say you are, the power of the words I AM is very powerful.

You are calling in support and strength from something greater than just your physical self, you are calling in support from the universe.

I AM THAT I SAY I AM “slim trim feeling terrific” yehy feeling better already, repeat your vision to yourself 3 times and feel the feelings in your body. Even if it has nothing to do with a weight journey, yell out your vision, feel the energy enter your body.

You are ready for a new day, unstoppable

Enjoy the day

Love always



Jenny and Gary Leather

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