You Are PerfectDay 12 – Believe in Yourself

Day 12 – Wow how a great night sleep has me feeling rested and content in myself. Over the last couple of years I have not been sleeping well yet blamed it on my age. I went through menopause with amazing ease other than poor sleep. I decided a long time ago not to worry or focus on the number of hours just check in to how I was physically feeling each morning.

Yesterday I decided to get a multi vitamin tablet for women over 50 and Yes last night I slept probably 10 hours, AMAZING. I understand yesterday I did some healing work and yes I was tired so I will let you know how I go over the coming month.

I have never been one for taking a tablet for every little dis-ease that present, intuitively I always knew there was other ways that could help. The power of the mind body spirit combination and the willingness to let go of emotional feelings around experiences in my life has had massive healing properties..

It is interesting that we wait until a traumatic event arises before we go in search of answers. I wonder is it human nature to wait until we are sick? How beneficial would it be to do research now so the dis-ease in our body does not even become a reality in the NOW.

From my reality we are the script writers of our movie called “Our Life Journey”, I chose all the cast members (YES all the cast) and I am designing how this movie will play out. I have all have previously chosen the things I need to learn and experience in this life time so I can heal at a deep level for once and for all time. Stay with me if this is a stretch for you because this reality has given me the power to design my future as I want to experience it. I am happy to answer any questions that arise.

When I started to clean up the body from the inside both physically and emotionally I was able to find myself dreaming about the way life could be. I started to make a list of what I would like to do and see in the coming years. I have created a collage of picture to support me to remember what these things will look, feel, smell, sound and BE like for me.

I have done this numerous times and over the following years I cross them off as they became a reality.

Interesting to review when life went off track I stopped dreaming and setting intent, I froze and could no longer see possibility. I understand how this can become reality you are so intent on giving yourself a hard time. Going over and over what went wrong and how you could have been so stupid to get caught in the illusion. Hoping someone would come along to rescue you. If this is you, the answer is in letting go of the feelings that are draining your energy / life force particles. You will need support of loving friend or coach.

Welcome to the real world, I now realise that when you are living full out, every now again you get caught in the ego of thinking you are playing this game without a greater help. That is why I created the “Reclaim Your Power flipchart” it supported me to see where my mind was at in a glance.

I now realise I would be dead if I had really lost connection with a higher part of myself permanently. The ups and downs were present for me to heal the feelings on a deeper level than I  consciously understood. I decided to surrender to what was required for me to reach my potential to achieve that which I was here to do.

I believe it is to inspire people to find and love themselves to share their individual gifts with the world.

Have a great day

Love always



Jenny and Gary Leather

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