There are many methods of healing to support you desired outcome.Day 13 –   Emotions are a Gift of Healing.

Another cloudy yet beautiful morning pondering on how did I ever get on the dieting cycle?

I think most of the weight loss centres intention started out to support people to lose weight but within a very short time realised for the business model to work people would need to buy their brand of diet products that started a multibillion dollar industry that may now have an agenda about people not healing the underlying issues. They want people to keep returning 2 -3 years down the track if not sooner.

They sell lifetime packages hopefully to gain loyalty when they need to return next time. They really make their money on the food and support products we all buy. I have no issue with people making money but imagine the response from customers and the referrals that would follow if they could deal with the underlying self-worth or fear of success issues as well. Wow would that be worth attending.

The better answer would be to have emotional intelligence as a class in school. Start with the healing before the physical issue manifests into a reality.

Enough of the soap box, I can see if we understood to deal with our emotions and not stuff them down and lay concrete on top we would have a lot less dis-ease.

As I have mentioned numerous times emotions are a gift that can allow healing on the inside with ease. As children if our feelings are acknowledged instead of comments like ‘stop crying you baby”. This was said too many boys as a way of making them more manly. They learned that to show emotion is wrong, must stuff it down and after many years they have trouble feeling or dealing with life challenges that appear. They did not learn to understand and release the emotion that is now held in the body they are holding all the anger, pain, sadness etc. all undealt with emotion.

What was said to you that stopped you believing in you? Who stole your dreams? How did you feel at the time and how did you respond at the time. What have you been telling yourself all these years after that occurred. Maybe who do I think I am to do xyz or I really am not smart enough to do ABC.

Let’s look at another possibility, A teacher says XYZ that has you feeling small and worthless, you feel, angry, embarrassed and do not hear that she is attempting to highlight something you did that is hindering you succeeding from her opinion. All that you can think about is your friends that are listening to this and what they might be thinking.

I am here to tell you, it is not about what they are or aren’t thinking it is about how you are feeling. Those feeling were within you or they would not have presented. We may not remember what incident or drama they are attached to and we do not need to know anything other than it is time to surrender these emotions to a higher power (whatever that is for you, God, Allah, Budda, Universal power, Love) and ask for help and support. Where else are you feeling vulnerable? What action do you need to make to feel safe? Who can you talk too for support? These would have been valuable question to examine in the moment of the incident. No time like the present ask the questions now.

When we release the feeling attached to these or any story we can be free to BE anything that we can imagine. You can achieve and DO anything that brings you joy, hope, optimism so dare to have ago.

Dare to put your old way of being behind you and forge a life that supports your dreams and passion.

Excess weight is a symptom of being out of alignment with your authentic self. It is a journey to uncover you magnificent authentic self, a journey well worth endeavouring on.

It is always “All about you” and the vibration you are emitting to the world. If we emit self-love and strong self-worth backed by travelling a path that delivers our gifts to others, magic will happen to bring joy and love into your life.

Have a great, prosperous day

Love always





Jenny and Gary Leather

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