Day 16 – Everyone has their gifts and talents

I never really understood at school why I was forced to focus on the things that I was not good at instead of spending the time improving my skills on what I loved doing. Yes it is an advantage to be able to read and write to function in this world. Now I am realising to be happy and value yourself has a way higher priority.

For some people the playing of sport makes them go into anxiety attacks, the idea of being snuggled up on the couch reading a good book is exciting to them.  Whereas others like me hated the idea of painting or sitting inside reading a book, it made me feel like a prisoner. My spirit needed to be out in the fresh air, neither way is any better than another; it is about finding out what has you feeling good. Interesting as I got older I enjoyed the reading and not the sport. This has shown me values and priorities change at different stages of our lives.

The point is I have been given freedom of individual choice on purpose; my job is to find out what makes MY heart sing on a daily basis.

I love exploring how our mind and spirit play the game of life together. How each has their own opinion of what will serve my journey. It could be perceived to be a power game yet I now realise if I view it as a marriage where I value and honour each components gifts. I am going to be able to experience life in an awesome fashion. Designed by me!

The spirit understands the game I came to earth to play. It understands the sacred contract that was agreed to so that I could heal and evolve to reach my greatest potential. Where the mind, was to play its part by allowing me to see different perspectives of everything, enabling me to choose which would have me moving towards or away from my vision.

Even in this weight loss journey I can be in control of my mind and tell it what is my desire and how the game will be played. It is interesting to notice neither Gary nor I have been feeling hungry. Yes every now and again I think I would love a chocolate biscuit with my cup of tea. I stop” and ask myself will it take me towards or away from my vision of being “Slim Trim feeling Terrific”? Yes no further thought required!

I am not saying I can never have a chocolate biscuit but for the moment, I do not need it and am choosing not to have one. Big difference from the last couple of years: eating whatever I wanted unconsciously not worrying about the outcome. I was also doing this with decisions in other areas of my life mainly because I feared the outcome of looking at reality.

Fear is the predominate energy that gets many of us into trouble. Fear of what will happen or what something may mean. The government and the large corporates love having people in fear because they can be easily manipulated to play their games and cover the fear up with buying things and eating. Very profitable areas of the economy as I can see by the annual turnovers! When i overeat, I realise I become sad, self-critical; this is the cause of the vicious circle starts over again.

At this point the mind is in control and the spirit is being ignored the majority of the time.

When I choose to come from LOVE and that starts with love of self, I am able to choose what makes me happy in any moment.

Enjoy the day while pondering on “What makes my heat sing?”

Love always




Jenny and Gary Leather

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