Day 19 – Fantastic feedback from a loyal Friend.

Isabel Vidal started out as my coach and evolved into a close friend who supports my journey of staying on my path to reach my greatest potential. She rang recently to mentioned that on reviewing my journaling she noticed that one moment I spoke about the “ I “ and then I would jump to the “we”.  This was fantastic feedback because at some level I was still disassociated from the learning’s and insights that I was sharing. In truth the insights have come from my own journey of deep discovery and I am guessing still have a bit of a hold.

I went back to review the last posts and could see exactly what she had highlighted. I went in to edit willing to own my own journey of self-discovery. After doing 4 or 5 I decided to leave it and move forward all part of the journey and becoming conscious of how tricky our mind can be to have us stay the same and not move in to the future with ease supported by grace. Isabel for me is part of the grace

I had been justifying that when I moved to the”we” I was trying to support other people to understand their journey. (The rescuer shines again) This allowed me to maintain a distance from the truth and owning the insights as my new reality. I now realise the purpose of this journaling is about me owning my journey and sharing while standing in my truth.

As a parent I can see how I hid behind this facade because I did not know a different reality. I thought being the wife, nurse, mother, driver, cook, and cleaner was who I am supposed to be. As that need disappeared who was I now?

“This is an ongoing journey of evolving and exploring possible potential

 and comes with unlimited opportunities.”

The challenge for me has been to choose the opportunities that serve the greater picture of my life. Not to get distracted by the gold shiny possible opportunities that end up taking me off track.

I now finding myself asking different questions “Will this serve my vision for my life or is it taking me away”? The answer comes quickly and enables me to walk away from distractions. If it involves financial exchange “How quickly can I recoup my investment”? What is the value exchange? How much control do I truly have in this investment?

Questioning have served all the different decisions that I have needed to make in relation to work, money or relationships on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. When I was operating unconsciously I asked none.  I understand change does not happen overnight Patience is a virtue  read on

Enjoy your day

Love always




Jenny and Gary Leather

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