Day 26 – Sometimes we stagnate, All Good!

I have experienced times were the physical manifestation of my dream seems to come to a halt. I can see it as a time for review, reassessment prior to uncovering the next step or I can get hard on myself and limit my growth.

Now let me think which option I will chose, keep to my clear vision clear in this case “Slim trim feeling terrific” Maybe today I have to do something different to kick start the weight loss for the week. As is normal my body has gone into freeze mode, time for a walk and a dose of bran.

I remind myself to remember “You have surrendered 5.2kg to the universe with ease” That is a lot of weight to be carrying every day. Focus on the jeans that I wore the other day that was stuffed in the back of the cupboard so I was not reminded that they had become too tight.

I am experiencing gratitude for my commitment to create a healthy temple to live within. I visualise my body moving with ease as we travel the world experiencing new and magical places and people.

Feels good excited about the future as I take that next step each day.

What step are you going to commit to today that will take you a little closer to fulfilling a dream. I remember to focus on the value of appreciation in these moments

Love to hear your feedback

Love always


Jenny and Gary Leather

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