Day 29 – Is the education system for or Against us when it comes to our emotional empowerment?

I found myself thinking about this topic this morning as I travel along the journey of surrendering 12 kg to the universe with ease.

Interesting to ponder why we do not teach our children at school, the power of their mind and emotions to be able to heal old programs and limiting beliefs at an early age. Who designs these lessons for children and what was their intent? Time for change and only we can make this a reality.

I realise I could have spent the majority of my life making a difference, bringing my gifts and talents for all to experience and share.

Instead I have hide because at some level I lacked belief in my own potential.

Wow how different life would BE!

For people to understand this possibility:

I would be required to give people a different context around this experience/ game/ movie called life. What are we hear for? Awaken to our full potential to experience living in a physical existence.

Who Is the “ I / we”? Our authentic self, our spirit, and soul all that is and has decided to embark on another physical journey. WHY you may ask?

To expand our own personal growth in the higher realms of existence is one component of why we are here at this time. To help support the raising the vibration on earth for all, has been the task for many of us who have been leading the way to awaken to a different reality.  Ultimately we all return to our spiritual reality at the end of our journey. I figure I am going to do the work to heal all aspects of myself that show, this time around with the hope (Ha Ha) next time can be with greater ease. (No guarantee)

My Job is to find what makes me feel joy and calm and “what are the things that has me fall out of balance”? Neither of these experiences is right or wrong, better or worse they are what they are, the important component is


How quickly can I let them BE without attachment or agenda understanding the gift of healing they bring forth?

If the feeling experienced is perceived as negative GREAT, let it go hand it over to a higher power that supports your journey. Whatever that is for you! (God, budda, allah, higher power, universal energy, love). Better out than in, as the emotion moves on new and empowering energy can take its place. With ease we can move with the supportive energies that show and enable us to takes the steps required to move forward with our lives.

What happens when we are in a space of overwhelm and the mind has such a strong opinion on how things SHOULD be. Perhaps the feelings of lack of control are that scary that you cannot take a step forward. This is the time to get help, I was fortunate that the teachers arrived when at some level this student knew she was ready for change.

I love supporting people who are ready to receive; you can take a horse water you cannot make them drink. Are you clear about what your want to create?

Have a great day

Love Always


Jenny and Gary Leather

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