Unique is goodJourney to surrender 12 kg

Day 3 begins.

My vision of BEING slim, trim and feeling terrific flashes into my mind on awakening. This is my truth the body is just catching up to the vision. I see myself moving with ease and notice I have acquired body tone obviously the muscle has started to return. This to me is really exciting.

I ponder how I have had this vision before and achieved it in the now only to not be able to hold it as my truth. What has happened where I have given up on believing I am worthy to feel that good? Ahar there is that word “Worthy” funny how for so many years I thought I was unworthy to achieve or BE who I imagined myself to BE. I have heard so many clients mention this feeling of being not good enough at some level.

We seem to learn this early in life when parent and teachers who come from good intent expect or want us to be different than who we are at a certain moment. We seem to associate this as if they are right we are wrong. Which is crazy, we are here to learn and experience all aspects of life! To find out what works for us and what doesn’t, for everyone it will be different. Over the years this judgement accumulates into one massive I am not good enough and low self-esteem. Ultimately we find ourselves playing a small game because who are we to BE an amazing unlimited creative BEING of unlimited potential.

We actually are this BEING of unlimited potential; the fear of this truth holds us back from stepping into our authentic power.

Does this truth stop me from feeling my stomach growl because it is not getting the same amount of nourishment that it has been getting over the last couple of years? NO

Do I feel frustration for being at this position again in my life? Yes

I just close my eyes and hold the image of myself walking briskly along St Kilda beach with Gary or a girlfriend, meeting my boys in the park, training with the boxing gloves.  I see myself laughing, smiling, while sweating, feeling the joy of being alive.

Slowly taking 3 or 4 deep breaths, surrendering any emotion that arises that potentially could hold back my vision, being my reality.

Thank you, thank you

Let’s see today how often I need to stop and breathe off emotion that arises, all good.

Looking forward to a great day.

Love always


Jenny and Gary Leather

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