Day 31 – Every Day is a New Day

Even though I have lost kg before I realise in every moment we get to have a new start if we decide it is so.

It really does not matter what happened before today yet is interesting to observe how our mind which gains its control over us from the past operates.

The stories that I create around what a particular situation means to my life are affected by many different past events that I have attached a particular meaning. This becomes like a merry go round adding more and more layers with more emotional attachments.

Depending on whether I have judged past situations to be right or wrong for my life journey and whether I have felt someone else is to blame for what occurred.

“All these scenarios have me giving my power to another person or situation;”

I recognise I am the one left drained. The chatter totally changes when I choose to take responsibility for what happened no matter what the outcome.

I know I have the power to make the changes to ensure the outcome gets adjusted in a way that supports my personal vision becoming a reality.

When the feelings that I am experiencing have me feeling frozen unable to move forward, I understand I need some support to detach from the fear that is attaching itself to the story I am playing in my head. As many of you would have heard fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. As I let go of the layers of stories and emotion that make up the energy of the fear I am able to walk through and beyond the fear into a new reality. Very hard to do this on your own!

As I have experienced this process numerous times before personally and with my clients I now understand that the fear is truly an energy coming from the ego’s fear of losing its own importance in our lives.

It makes sense to understand and make peace with that part of ourselves. As I mentioned every day has a fresh new slate to design and create our reality. Pateince is definitely an asset

Have a great day

Love always


Jenny and Gary Leather

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