Patience has not always been my strength!

I should have remembered from past experiences when I decided to surrender 12 kg to the universe it would take time.

Even though for the last 5 years it seems to be a consistent message that I need to acquire patience. I always want to know NOW yet I seem to have to wait to find out whether something is going to work out or not.

When I have been patient dealing with all the emotions that show during the time of waiting the next step eventually shows with relative ease. I am assuming because I dealt with the frustration, anger and in general annoyance is the reason the next step appeared.

I have assumed if XYZ happened then I will finally BE happy and everything will turn out the way I dreamed. I now understand I have to choose to BE happy in the now whether things turn out the way I desire or not.  Happiness is a choice especially in an amazing country like Australia where we have fresh air pure water and food along with a roof over our heads. We live in the absence of war and within reason are free to live a reasonable standard of living better than 95% of the world population.

We have a choice to focus on and be in appreciation for all that we have or we can continue to focus on what we do not want in our lives. Whichever one we choose to focus on will be the reality we will live. The choice is ours on a daily basis, I am choosing to focus on what I have and can do every day.

“What are you focusing on today? Do you look at the problems and Lack or do you see the abundance and opportunities?”

The choice is yours every day in every moment, choose to have a great day, make choices to ensure it becomes your reality. Start small grow strong! Read more

Love Always


Jenny and Gary Leather

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