Day 33 – Consistently moving forward

I am just BEING in the now feeling calm yet shaky on the inside. It is like something is about to pop and I am not sure what it is at this moment. My journey to surrendering 12 kg is progressing with ease. I am realistic what took years to gradually attach itself to me may take a while to leave.

I am OK about taking consistent steps daily and yet realistically I would love it to happen faster. (What is IT? To be slim and not to have to worry, well this is not realistic because this is a change of a way of being and in truth will always have to be monitored due to the fact for me this addiction has become a habit)

Here is this duality dilemma that is part of our daily reality. This is when focusing on what you do have and letting go of the old stories that are anchored in your past will serve your new reality.

I need to go back to my vision of BEING slim trim feeling terrific while being grateful for all that shows in my life.

My reality today IS, I am 7 kg lighter than 2 months ago, I am moving with ease when we go for our walks and I also feel great. Calm and centred believing that what needs to occur in my life is in place.

What happens when other areas of my life seem to have stagnated? What is the internal chatter? Release the emotion attached!

Keep taking one step towards my ultimate vision. Today I am going to work on some new educational videos to support other people’s journey to “Reclaim Your Power”.

A common question that I get asked regularly:

What do I do when fear gets a hold of my mind?

On recognising its presence I firstly slow my breathing and take 4 deep slow breathes that allow the energy to shift. In the beginning I use to find by starting to journal the thoughts out of my mind onto paper helped. At least we are staring the process of releasing there hold within the body. Then I would break the thoughts down into categories so I could define what the issue really was that needed to be dealt with NOW.

“Personally I would do a couple of fear release techniques that enables me to then re-examine the situation”.

Is there one area that I can see an action step to support me to be able to move forward? Yes then I do it NOW!

What are You afraid of NOW?

If I you really are stuck it is time to ask for help. There are numerous clearing techniques that can be used to shift the energy and help you to see the opening to break through.

The issues that are showing did not occur overnight and will need some time and effort to release.

As I mentioned yesterday “Patience is a virtue”

Enjoy the day

Love always


Jenny and Gary Leather

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