Day 37 – Embracing the Moment

Life changed when I realised the difference between making conscious choice daily compared to being on remote control unconsciously.

What does this really mean?

In relation to my food habits, the majority of the time I would unconsciously choose food that made me feel good for a couple of minutes without any conscious thought about the consequence.

Life was presenting a challenge and for a couple of minutes the food gave me a relief in the beginning then what happened was I did not get the relief because the pattern became an unconscious habit.

Now I was eating the food and not even getting the couple of minute’s relief.

My mind would justify the pattern by saying “No one will tell me what to do” “You have a right to eat what you want”. Ok both these statement are no wrong but what they fail to mention was that I ultimately live with the consequence. Interesting the mind does not look at how the pattern is hurting the temple in which I reside.

 “The I and the mind are 2 different entities

 whose control and power changes when we awaken to a different reality, “Conscious Choice”

 For me this became a whole different reality, it required me to take responsibility for how I responded to everything that appeared in my life. I may not have appeared totally responsible but at some level I knew I was as I am the creator ultimately of my reality. It would have been so easy to slip into blaming myself or making excuses but I already understood that all experience bring a gift of healing followed by growth or go straight to the growth gift.

This became an exciting reality, yes there would be challenges but as I have mentioned before “This too shall Pass!”

What was required was to focus on the vision I was holding and tale one step that would take me towards that desire. Take One Step today and ultimately your vision is a done deal.Enjoy!

Love always


Jenny and Gary Leather

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