Day 40 –  Maybe I have only just begun!

I originally planned to write about this journey for 40 days to cement the insights and learning’s I acquired along the way of surrendering 12 kg to the universe with ease. I have now decided to drop back to tracking this personal journey once a week, to ensure I am aware if for any reason I am slipping into old patterns. Maintain conscious awareness!


“The journey of life for me is about growth and finding the experiences that bring joy and happiness into my life”.

 I spent so many years totally unconscious to the patterns and choices that had been holding me back. I now understand this is all part of the game of life; we come into this journey forgetting our potential so that we can have experiences that enable us to heal past wounds.

For me it is about reconnecting to my all that I AM with ease and grace. To share my journey and insights with those who are ready and able to hear. To find experiences that have me feeling the joy that life offers every day by being in the energy of appreciation for life itself. I have spent too many years annoyed at life for serving up experience’s I judged to be wrong.

It is funny how you can see the value in a particular circumstance years down the track. Patience truly is a virtue I needed to acquire over the coming years.

Looking forward:

I feel our economy may be coming into a challenging time, no matter what the papers or the politicians tell us. Gary and I have been following and studying the wold economy and currency for over 6 years.

“The majority of people are not prepared emotionally or physically for a massive slow down;”

 I am hoping my experience over the last 5 years can add value to others especially when I am sure this too shall pass.

The sooner we are emotionally able to navigate any situation, the quicker we will understand the value of “Reclaiming Your Power”.

Bye for Now

Love always


Jenny and Gary Leather

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