Day 7 – “This too shall Pass!” Day7

This has been a comment that has saved me from going crazy.

Yesterday when I was trying to do something on the computer and was getting very frustrated I noticed the headache appeared “Stress”. My usual pattern would have been to go to the fridge and eat a chocolate biscuit and then put the kettle on for a cup of tea before I have another biscuit, probably 500 calories. It is not the calories that concerned me; it is that I would have done this without me being aware or awake to the fact. It had just become a habit that I could repeat numerous times a day.

Especially for people who are going through a crisis in their lives. The food dulls the pain, it takes energy away to digest the food and you end up feeling tired and needing more food. Crazy roller coaster! There is another way “Deal with the emotional Pain” that is what I love to help people to do. I am following my own medicine by doing this blog. So yesterday I went and got a large glass of water along with a couple of deep slow breaths and remaindered myself “This too shall Pass”. Guess what 30 minutes later I noticed the headache had gone.

Congratulate myself for recognising an old pattern that had previously sabotaged my success.

We all have the voice of a saboteur that really does not like the idea of change or being accountable for what is present in our lives. For me she (I have given her a name sally saboteur) sounds like poor woe me, no one will understand what I am talking about. I have not got a university degree so who am I to give other people advice. When sally is around I walk different, I dress different (Who really cares) I also notice that there is a different tone to my voice, flat, no energy. She always lacks motivation and direction.

Are you aware of your saboteur voice, in what areas of your life do you sabotage your success?

It is very powerful to get to know this voice because when your recognise it you will know you are probably feeling a bit vulnerable or fearful of something. These are usually the emotions that trigger the saboteur to be activated. In truth it is a part of you that does not like change but when you learn to reassure her that all is Ok that together you are moving to a fulfilling life, she will settle down.

I now am excited when I see her appear for a couple of moments because it reassures me I am growing and moving forward.

Bring it on! Have a great day

Love to hear your thought or questions on my journey.

Love always


Jenny and Gary Leather

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