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Energy Blocks Are Real! Let’s Uncover Whether Your Home or Office Is Holding Negative Energy That Maybe Impacting Your Life

Is your business or relationship struggling?

Energy blocks are real, let’s uncover whether your home or office is holding negative energy that maybe impacting your life.

We start with a consult that can be done over the phone and then design a plan to move forward.

Blocked energy can cause discomfort in certain areas of the home or workspace. Before a session clients have expressed feeling a lack of energy as though something has been draining them while they sleep. They awaken tired!

Also it is extremely beneficial to cleanse a home if there has been divorce or severe illness present. It allows a new fresh energetic flow benefiting all who live in the home enabling to navigate beyond the challenge with ease.

Once the environment is cleansed I offer a consult to help raise the awareness of how they can ensure the house remains clear in the future and how they can personally take action to cleanse the home themselves. KNOWLEDGE is POWER.

The lolly on the top of this whole process is a “Crystal Light healing bed session” for the owners of the home or business to ensure they are cleansed of the old and stepping into the new way of BEING.

This is a gift to yourself and the whole family.

How Do You Clear A House or Person?

I have learned over the years the value of energetically cleansing myself and the healing space that I work in everyday in supporting me to be a clear channel and show up in the best version of me possible to support my clients. I use a very similar technique when I am cleansing your energy space.

I start with a ritual of cleansing the space on all levels through all time. I ask for help from my nonphysical support team to cleanse the space while I track the cleansing with a pendulum.

For people who observe this process they are surprised to see the rapid anti clockwise rotation which continues until the process is complete.
Then I go on to explain because we have removed negative or heavy energy we now have a space that requires filling.

I ask the energy of love and light to infiltrate the room in all corners and open space. I then say a couple of prayers of choice balancing masculine and feminine energy and invite my own personal phalange of energetic beings to support my work again for the highest intent of each client.

I also express the desire for all energy to be released throughout the day and transmuted for the highest good of all involved.

Visually the pendulum converts to spinning in a clockwise direction as the empowering energy fills the space.
This process that starts with me cleansing my energy and ensuring that I am in the vibration of love and appreciation before moving to clearing another’s environment.

“I came home from work one night to a crowded house, so to speak. While the only physical occupants were myself, my partner and my cat it truly felt like there were hundreds of people squeezed into our little house, all of them talking at once. And not all of them good.

I started hearing noises. I would get up in the middle of the night to check on my cat that was meowing as if in distress only to find she was fast asleep and never made a noise. Someone would knock on the door but no one was ever there. All the time the people in my house would laugh. When the terrible dreams started I knew this was bigger than anything I could deal with. So I called Jenny.

She and Gary came quickly. They cleared the house swiftly, moving from room to room including the garage and the backyard. Then they cleared us using her “Crystal light healing bed” to support the process. After they had left, the house was empty. It was quiet. I wasn’t looking over my shoulder anymore. The cat stopped sleeping in corners and claimed her favourite sleeping spots again. And after a good night sleep, I felt alive. I didn’t realise how drained I was until I woke up and I didn’t look like a ghost anymore, so to speak.

I can’t thank Jenny and Gary enough for giving me not only my house back but my life. When you can’t relax physically, emotionally or spiritually in your own home it takes a massive toll on your entire life. I’ve discovered just how important it is to have a safe haven for you and your loved ones, free from unwanted energies. And Jenny and Gary are the perfect team to make this happen, thank you.”

Lindsey Leigh Hobson – Make It Happen Life Coaching

How It Works

A session takes approx 3 hrs, this includes:
Crystal Light Healing Bed sessions” for 2 house / office members

Cleansing of home / office and surrounding site

Mentoring of how to maintain your energy field personally and at home.

If this feels something that your family can benefit from send me a personal message and I will contact, you ASAP.

Jenny and Gary Leather

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