Epitiaum Book Quest

Connect To Your Source of Life

Join Jenny Leather as she takes you on an epic journey, assisting you to deeply connect with your soul as you read through EPITIAUM – the Analogy of Creation Channeled Through Micheila Sheldan.

Gain deep insights and come to understand your own soul journey within this physical body as you join a group of like-hearted souls to expand your own connection to source and explore the physical and non-physical manifestations you’ve created throughout your lifetime.

About Micheila

Micheila’s personal mission is to inspire others to fearlessly live their soul’s higher purpose. Having bridged the gap between two completely different dimensional realities, her story inspires audiences to let go of the fear holding them back from embodying their authentic selves and creating a new, more meaningful human experience.

Micheila understands that her purpose in this life is to usher lightworkers through a very turbulent and significant dimensional shift on the earth.

About This Book Quest

This book is true to it’s name Epitiaum means the source of life … and this book reveals it all!

Integrate this new information to support you to create the life you desire during these changing times.

The Epitiaum Book Quest will run for approx 10 months. There are 96 Chapters in total and we will be reading through 5 chapters per fortnight.

Dive Deep On topics such as:

  • The Ladder of Ascension
  • Neutralizing Energy
  • Planetary Soul Partners
  • Knowing Thyself
  • Feeling Your Way

Plus SO Much More!

What’s Included:


A free digital version of the book


Fortnightly Group Coaching Call

Every second Saturday at 10am AEST we will meet live on a zoom call for approx 1.5hrs to discuss any questions or challenges that may come up as you read through.


Group Support

As you’re reading through the chapters you may be triggered or have challenges arise. You will have access to Jenny via a private Facebook group for mentoring and support – this is PRICELESS!

If you were to work 1:1 with Jenny it would cost $147 USD per hour! During this book quest you will gain access to Jenny for 1.5 hours per fortnight on the calls as well as support inside the Free to Be Me Facebook community.

It may take time to integrate the learnings and knowledge into your own personal journey and there will be questions and triggers – Jen will be there with the answers when you need them most!

Join the Epitiaum Book Quest

For less than the cost of a meal out you will gain access to a life-changing quest that will expand your way of BE-ing in every way possible!

What is possible? Heal relationships, overcome trauma, release illness and ailments, connect to your soul and the TRUE essence of who you really are!

Join us in the book quest, with full support plus a free copy of the book for just $33 USD a month (cancel any time you like).

Jenny and Gary Leather

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