This is was harder for me to learn than doing!Day 6.  Learning to value the NOW!

Feeling good this morning, quite peaceful and content with where I am at, moving forward one step at a time.

I hold my vision of BEING slim trim and feeling terrific, I close my eyes and it is already a reality, I feel the ease of movement and the enthusiasm in my step. Life is so interesting so many ups and downs which accumulated together is a necessity to grow and evolve.

Interesting how we do not appreciate what we have when it is right in front of your eyes. I have realised until we have experienced the opposite it is very hard to understand the NOW if you are unconscious to the game of life. The game where the mind/ego would like to think it is in control and eventually you end up unwittingly giving it control. Then it wants to stay feeling important and to do so starts to relay and opinion of every aspect of your life every minute. That “little voice” in your head that continually chatters and the majority of the time is running YOUR life. If you are wondering what voice I am talking about? I am talking about the one that just asked the last question.

There is another part of you that is being ignored the majority of the time because we are too busy or no time, maybe our debt is so high we are stressed to the max. Whatever the reason is, we are unable to hear our own “Internal guidance system” that is trying to help us out of the mess we have created or if we are alert support us to avoid turmoil all together.

Have you had a thought about a friend and 2 mins later they ring? Have you walked into a business meeting and noticed your body shiver and anxiety wash over you? Have you had sense your young child was not well but had to wait a day before the doctor could pick up what was wrong? If you have answered YES to any of these then you have experienced a connection with you higher self.

To get more understanding and to be able to listen to this internal wisdom we need to slow down. When I look at the majority of people they are speeding up due to the demands of the material world. Who do you think will benefit? Not your family or your health, the large corporations and the tax man together they have sold us the illusion that we need more things as Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad called Do Dads.

In truth what we need more of is connection; this journey I am endeavouring to explore is to have more connection with me on all levels. To be in integrity with what my life journey has been about I do not believe I could have been studying life success and spirituality for 20 years for no PURPOSE.

One thing I have learned you cannot give what you do not have so first I had to learn to love and value me. This took me learning to manage my “Little Voice” that has an opinion on everything because it fears losing its level of importance. I needed to reassure ‘IT” that all was ok but the game was slightly shifting. “IT’ was important but as long as it served me and did not try to take back the driver seat. I have taught “IT” I love it as a passenger. Now we are getting into alignment with my hearts journey.

Enough for today, Have an amazing day remember for 5 mins at least “Stop to smell the roses”

Love always


Jenny and Gary Leather

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