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Relax, Unwind and Heal

Come experience the magic of creation we have built especially for YOU; we will share our magic, wisdom along with the vibration that enabled us to live on the land debt free after losing everything in 2011.

Yes it took physical action but it was supported in a divine energy that can be duplicated.

You too can replicate with Ease when supported by Grace

Firstly it helps to disconnect from the old (Home and work) energy and step into the new energy of creation by having time away at our “Carinya” farm retreat.

Our intent at the farm is to allow you to reconnect with your soul’s journey supported by your connection with the land and our personal one on one mentoring.

The vibration of calm, smooth appreciation has to be experienced to replicate.
Maybe you have been striving and pushing for what you think you need to do yet not reaping the rewards of your effort.

We will explain how the trying and the pushing or the need for control is energetically pushing away the very thing you desire. More importantly we will empower you to change the situation with ease.

Each live in retreat is designed for your specific needs.

We always start with personal intent that evolves over the weekend to ultimately gain clarity.

Are you experiencing challenges within

– Marriage
– Health
– Business fulfilment
– Connection with your authentic self
We understand we have navigated extreme challenging times with incredible positive outcomes each time.

Are you ready to:

Learn how where and you are losing your power.

Learn how to truly reclaim that power.


– Learn how to take inspired actions
– Experience your own value
– Gain clarity around what you want.
– Learn how to BE happy again
– Bring back the fun
– Leave inspired and relaxed with new tools to support your exciting future.

How It Works

These intensive retreats create PHENOMENAL transformation at the deepest level. Our clients leave empowered to be able to continue this work at home and apply to all areas of their lives.

The retreats are tailored specifically for you and your requirements.

For more information get in touch.

Jenny and Gary Leather

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