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Discover How To Bring The Love Back In To Your Marriage

It’s OK if you are feeling overwhelmed!

You may feel like ‘ I don’t know how to bring the love back into my marriage’.

The first step is admitting there is a problem and being willing to ask for help.

The whole institution of marriage has changed, the demands on both parties have increased and nobody is teaching you how to manage the stress.

In every marriage or significant relationship, there will come times where you just want to run.

Is that what you really want? Probably not if you’re reading this page.

What if:

  • You could learn a new way of dealing with the challenges you are presently experiencing?
  • Your partner could become your best friend and greatest teacher. While also becoming the catalyst for your inner healing. How exciting!
  • You could learn how to respond from LOVE instead of reacting instantaneously sometimes saying things you wish you could take back.

“Relationships never die a natural death, they’re ended by attitude, behaviour, ignorance or ego”

I understand you may have reached the point where your feel overwhelmed, I just cannot do this any more, it’s too hard?

I totally get it, most of us have not been taught how to deal with everyday challenges that comes with living with another person. We sure do not learn it in school! Did you have good role models?

Gary and I have been married for 36 years navigating huge challenges, that included our youngest son having cancer, then 2 years later we navigated financial collapse that saw us lose our home. It would have been easy to walk away, blaming each other for poor decisions but together we decided, it was time to put all our learnings into practice. 

I can truly say I am married to my best friend and greatest supporter. We have recreated an amazing life that has us free to BE whatever we choose.

I am so very grateful for the knowledge and experience I acquired.

“our emotions can become tools that support us to heal from within”

One of my biggest lessons I learned was that our emotions can become tools to support us to heal from within.

Let me teach you how.

My passion is teaching people how to tap into their inner wisdom they already have but do not know how to access.

I call this accessing ‘The wisdom of your Soul’

Learn how to:
– really LISTEN with non-judgmental ears.
– Also, manage your internal chatter.

We are all playing games unconsciously that has us losing our power on a daily basis, let me help you both to reclaim your personal power while creating a stronger bond together.

I explain I am teaching a new dance between husbands and wives, this journey helps you both to learn how to take personal responsibility for how you feel, while also learning how to create healthy boundaries.


I have created exciting simple pathways so you can gain clarity and strategies to handle the daily challenges that automatically helps lower your stress. Let’s get clear about what you desire. Together we Design pathways to achieve these goals, the one on one support I provide make the difference. You can do this!

Does it take work? Yes – Is it worth it? Absolutely!

Ring now, let’s have a chat about how you can rekindle that love that was present when you got together.

Jenny and Gary Leather

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