The Journey To Self Mastery Continues

Learn How To Go Deep With Your Archetypes to Empower You Moving Forward!

Stop losing energy to the things no longer serving you and finally reclaim your power to have the confidence that you WILL make the best choices moving forward!

Join Us in the BRAND NEW 3 Month Self Mastery Soul Quest!

The Soul Quest Continued

Work with Jenny 1:1 for your own exciting personalised experience! Get crystal clear on your 12 archetypes and how they’re serving you right now!

Harness their energy to move forward in ALL areas of your life!

The Soul Quest Self Mastery

Join the Soul Quest 12 Week Self Mastery Program designed specifically for YOUR needs and YOUR level of development!

Gain access to Jennys wisdom as you deep dive into your souls journey and empower yourself with tools that you will use right throughout your life!

Delve deeper into the magic within your chakra system and build visual templates to support your new learnings so they can support you and your clients to understand why you “react” instead of “responding” in an empowering manner. Uplevel your life in ALL areas!

Soul Quest Self Mastery

A 3 month personal development program supporting you to understand and integrate your primary Archetypes into everyday life! Gain the wisdom and insights of what needs adjustment so that you can make better decisions, stop losing your energy and create a life you absolutely LOVE!

This comprehensive 12 week program is designed specifically for your needs and level of development! Start by having a one on one discussion with Jenny Via Zoom, where you will discuss what you would like to achieve moving forward.


Continue to explore Caroline Myss’s ‘ Sacred Contracts’ book, outlining your questions and insights, that you can personally share with Jenny on a Bi weekly call, helping you to keep focused and aligned with your intent


Your mentoring program will be designed by and for you personally


Start NOW by setting your personal intention for the 3 months of support you will receive


Outlining where you are at in the different areas of your life that you wish to focus on over this 3 months


We have discussed Island A ( where you are at) and what you would like to achieve, Island B


This vision will be supported by 2 x one on one Zoom sessions per month

Each Month we will have a Guest Energy Healer, Maureen Collier who will use a technique called AshWorks to support the inner child healing process. Each of these Monthly our focus will be to work with one of the survival archetypes ie your Victim, Saboteur and Prostitute all adding to support the healing of your child.

You will also have access to a room Via Free to Be Me to ask questions if you require support.

This support program is all about you and what you desire to achieve

What’s Included:

I will also share energetic clearing techniques that I use to support you to release blockages! You will not be alone!

Email support included to ensure we use our time together productively

This is a partnership, you are not alone!

We will have A private room in the “Free to BE me” where you can call out for help. ( I will open a couple of times a week. Or any of you can do the same (Value = PRICELESS!)

Energy Healing sessions included throughout the program (Valued at $750)

A special guest “ Maureen Collier” an AshWork Facilitator will do an energy clearing session monthly or when required (value $450)

All Zoom calls recorded and sent to you via email to access whenever you like!

This total package is valued at over $1,700! I am looking forward to our time together and supporting you to achieve the vision you hold for the next 3 month

VIP Price

Just $1197 USD VIP $797 for All 12 Weeks!

Personalised Soul Journey

If you’re not ready for the 3 month program perhaps 1:1 might work better for you!

I understand this can be a vulnerable topic to navigate on your own. Firstly determining your natal 12 Archetypes and then laying the wheel so that you can understand how these energies can become your best friends and help you co-create your future with ease.

I would love to support you to do this work.

I also understand you cannot do this in one session so I am offering a block of 3 sessions with a 10% discount.

Normally $441USD but for this group exclusively only $399 for the 3 sessions.

Together we can explore the insights that your personal wheel offers in areas of challenge within your life!

Explore the 4 step templates that were mentioned throughout the 6 weeks we spent together. They will enable you to understand how you have been unconsciously losing your power.

We will develop a plan to navigate change with ease

We will also do energetic clearing that maybe required to help you move beyond overwhelm that can show up as procrastination

It’s time for life to flow with ease towards that which you desire!

Buy Your 3 Full Sessions With This EXCLUSIVE Rate

Just $399 USD for All 3 Sessions!

Jenny and Gary Leather

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