Soul Quest with Jenny Leather

Experience the Truth of Who You Really Are and Discover How to Manifest from the Energy of Love (not fear)!

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Join us on the awakening adventure of a life time as we take a deep dive into the Paul Selig Manifestation Trilogy.

Resurrection is the first book in the groundbreaking new Manifestation Trilogy from renowned channel Paul Selig. Selig’s unique gift is to channel the voice of the Guides, otherworldly beings of great wisdom and tremendous spiritual insight. Resurrection is composed of their raw, unedited words, as spoken by Paul. In it, he shares the new manifestation of humanity, a vision of alteration and elevation that will shift how we think and move through the world.

Building on the success of his Beyond the Known series, this new trilogy will give readers a glimpse into the spiritual underpinnings that govern the world we live in. Resurrection is an astonishing invitation to rethink, reconstruct, and rebirth our world view in a transcendent way.

Support to understand the text at a deeper level

Learn to tune into and trust your own inner guidance and wisdom from the upper room

Understand what life is trying to show / teach you so that you can MANIFEST your desired outcomes.

“I know who I am, I know what I am, I know how I serve.”

Discover Your Inner Power & Completely Transfom Your Life with Jenny Leather

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Jenny Leather is a Transformational Facilitator and has been Mentoring, Training and Coaching people from all walks of life for over 20 years to change their lives in every way possible.

When you know how to navigate life in this way, EVERYTHING just becomes easier! You take things less personally and are able to create the kind of life you REALLY want to live. Happiness really is an inside job and it doesn’t have to be hard – when you work with Jenny.

Jenny is a Robert Kiyosaki trained “Rich Dad” Facilitator and has also trained in EFT, NLP, Hypnosis and a host of other holistic healing modalitites. Before all of this she specialised as a Cardiac Nurse – so you could say, she has always been called to help those who want to heal.

She helps her clients “do the impossible”.

In her many years of facilitating this work she has helped people clear cancers, rekindle relationships that were on the brink of divorce, settle expensive court cases, save business’s and will show you how to tune in to and trust your own souls guidance – so that life becomes just becomes EASIER!

Throughout this book quest Jenny will be the guide by your side – using this book as a tool – to support you to gain deeper clarity and understanding about how life is supporting you to create the life you actually want.

Why This Book Quest, Why You and Why Now?

The World is in absolute turmoil. The last few years has left everyone feeling uncertain about the future and also questioning what the purpose is of even being here.

If you’re feeling lost or particularly challenged YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Our entire planet has been pushed to rise in consciousness and the fact that you’re here is NO ACCIDENT!

I believe if you’re still here reading – you’ve been guided here to undertake your next level of Soul Expansion.

Throughout the course of reading this book and working alongside Jenny – this process will be RAPID – far faster than doing it on your own trying to figure it all out.

THE PURPOSE of doing this work with Jenny, is so that as you start to get pushed and triggered, as the book pushes you to expand and break out of this mould you’ve been so stuck in – you have someone WHO KNOWS what is happening and can help you move through it with far greater ease!


“Jenny has been mentoring me now for close to 15 years. I met Jenny because I wanted to learn ‘how to be rich’ through property investing when I was in my mid 20s. I had suffered a lot of trauma from sexual and mental abuse and truly on the inside felt ‘unfixable’.

On the outside I tried to project to the World that I had it all together and that I was happy … others wouldn’t have known the actual truth. I abused alcohol and would self sabotage EVERY good thing that came my way. I don’t even want to think about where I would be if I hadn’t met Jenny. Probably dead.

I now have a beautiful family and understand how life is forever supporting me to create whatever I want to create! I am so grateful for my journey with Jenny, she truly is an earth angel and knowing what she’s helped myself and others achieve – through knowing her this long – I can hand on my heart say – she will change your life for the better and you too won’t recognise yourself by the end of it, her teachings are POWERFUL and TRANSFORMATIONAL.”



About This Book Quest

What is possible? Know yourself at a deeper level. Learn how to truly love and value yourself so that you can be the change you desire to see.

This is the first book from Paul Segils NEW Trilogy. Deeply insightful and life-changing this book, partnered with the group coaching experience will support you to integrate the teachings into your every day life. How often do you read a book and then forget the contents?

The group aspect of the Soul Quest experience is what really makes the difference.

You’re invited into the upper room – what Jenny calls “The Penthouse”; here you are able to see life through new eyes and gain fresh clarity and direction.

  • Gain a deeper wisdom and understanding on how life serves YOU
  • Learn how to view life through a completelty new lense
  • Tap into your inner power and inner knowing so that you learn to trust yourself fully
  • Evolve and expand beyond who you currently are
  • Move beyond your current limitations and all you THINK you know

Plus SO Much More!

What’s Included:


Mentoring with Jenny Leather

As a member of the Soul Quest you will have access to Jenny inside the support group and on live calls, the value of this is priceless!

As things come up for you, you have the ability to work through the meaning and really deeply ingrain the lessons!

This book will push you to evolve into the next level of you – which means you will get triggered and trying to work this out for yourself is difficult. Having an expert by your side will shave YEARS off your learning experience and make the transformation far more RAPID.



Access to the Recordings for 2 Weeks

You will have 2 weeks to revisit the calls. The time frame is for your benefit. When we think we have all the time in the world we’re less likely to prioritize things and the purpose of this commitment is for YOUR personal growth.


Energy Healing Processes

Jenny will share tools, techniques and strategies that you can use moving forward in your life when challenges arise. As things come up on the calls, Jenny intuitively knows what the group needs to be supported.

During this book quest you will gain access to Jenny for 1.5 hours per fortnight on the calls as well as support inside the Free to Be Me Facebook community.

It may take time to integrate the learnings and knowledge into your own personal journey and there will be questions and triggers – Jen will be there with the answers when you need them most!

Join the Soul Quest

For less than the cost of a meal out you will gain access to a life-changing quest that will expand your way of BE-ing in every way possible!

What is possible? Heal relationships, overcome trauma, release illness and ailments, connect to your soul and the TRUE essence of who you really are!

Join us in the book quest, with full support. Guest healing facilitators to be announced.

Jenny and Gary Leather

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