Day 9 – Let No One steal your Dreams

Day 9 – Let No One steal your Dreams

If everything stays the same you are not growing into your potentialDay 9 – Let NO ONE steal you Dream

How many times do we surrender what we want to allow someone else to be right or happy?

What is the price to your energy and life force particles?

As many women do I always wanted to buy or do the things that made my family happy. Happy family equalled secure Jenny. I am not saying this is wrong it definitely is a phase that we travel but when do we decide it is our time.

I remember someone asking me “how I like my eggs cooked”. I thought what a crazy question until I realised I was not sure, I always did what the family asked. I decided to try, boiled, fried, scrambled, egg benedict, omelette and poached and the only one I really enjoyed was fried with a soft yoke.

This had me looking at all different areas of my life, what I did and did not like? When you choose what you really like the life force particles start running back into your body. When you make yourself feel good everyone else benefits anyway. Gary now says “happy wife, happy Life” I think he is right.

What will happen if you really don’t know what makes you happy? You may continue giving you energy to another until you are so tired you cannot make different choices.

Stop now, change the game and start by making a list of the small things that make you feel good.

– A cup of tea in peace

-A soak in the bath

– Meeting a friend for coffee

– Time out to read a book

Then make sure one of these items is in your life EVERY day consciously. When we are awake to making choices for us then more opportunities will arise. Gary knows that if I am feeling flat and he makes me a cup of tea and say go have a relaxing bath, everything get turned around for the better.

The happier we are the more likely we will make choices to eat healthy food to support our vision of how we are looking out in the world “Slim, Trim and Terrific”

Have a great Day, thanks for reading!

Love always Jenny

Jenny and Gary Leather

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