Day 5 Why do bad things happen to good people?

Day 5 Why do bad things happen to good people?

We get sent the test before we receive the insightJourney to surrender 12 kg

Day 5. So called Bad things happen to good people so we can heal.

First thought was I have got the dull headache again but after a glass of water along with a bit of activity all is good.

It is amazing how I crave an old way of being “Eating Unconsciously” without thinking about consequence. Wow how often do we do this in other areas of our lives?

Last year we lost our home due to a collapse in a business project. I remember trying to hold on for months thinking someone or something would come along and save me. I was frozen to move forward for fear of the absolutely unknown. I feared the post, the tax man and the judgement of others but in truth I was judging myself so harshly no one else could out do me.  Then somehow I realised the only person I was hurting was myself.

Time to heal, this started with forgiving me and everyone else involved, along with doing a fear release technique that I required more than once. This did not happen overnight because there were a lot of people and situation involved. I have learned when you set the intent the help arrives and it did regularly.

I am extremely grateful for all the different people that played a part in my journey.

I started by taking responsibility (as hard as that can be in the moment} by firstly starting to create a plan to move forward one step at a time. 18 months later we have cleaned up the majority of the mess and ready to share our insights. As you can guess many up and downs in this component of the story. I now realise all opportunities to let go of the underlying emotions.

What other decisions do we make before really looking at the potential cost or risk?

For us it was to risk our family home and I remember the state of mind we were in at the time. We had bought 30 properties in 18 months featured in Dale Beaumont’s book “Secrets exposed of property millionaires” Our ego was in the chatter of we could do no wrong. Then we made some decisions in the desire for more or maybe to prove how smart we were, little did we know it was the rise before the fall.

What did we need to learn? When we listen to the ego voice we are doing everything on our own and not listening to a higher guidance. We had moved into a journey of doing it to get more financial riches. When we did the 30 homes it included a process to help people get homes in a different way while we made good money. The later was in alignment with our heart / spirit and the monetary journey was following our mind /ego story.

All good we all awaken somehow!

I can see there are similar patterns within stories, weight loss and financial success. In both situations we were looking for easy way and desiring approval at some level from others. This was just one layer of the financial situation. One of my core programs was to believe I lacked something and needed more, this showed up even when obviously we were living an abundant life.

I have found this lack is really the lack of connection with all parts of self. This brings in all components of self, the mind body and spirit concepts. When we were doing the 30 homes all components were at play yet when we moved in larger developments only the mind and body were in the game.

With my weight journey it has always been looking for the easy answer involving only my mind and body get it done and then move on. I have never asked that higher part of me to work together and release whatever it is within me that kept repeating this process. I realise today, I have gone for the easy quick fix again by going radically dropping carbs, coffee, sugars (Reason for the headache) and eating high protein for 6 weeks. My real journey will begin beyond losing the 12 kg.

This really is going to be an interesting journey. Please feel free to ask questions, hopefully we can all benefit together.

Love always



Jenny and Gary Leather

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