Day 25 – I have only just Begun!

Day 25 – I have only just Begun!

If we are experiencing challenges we are growing into an unlimited possibilityDay 25 – I  have only just begun

Whether it is a weight journey or a business project it always feels like I have only just begun. You reach the peak of one mountain only to find the next one on the horizon.

The trick for me now is to follow my feelings and inspiration. What am I enjoying doing?. Does it make my heart sing? Is it bringing me closer or further away from my vision of inspiring others to follow their heart?

Each journey comes with its own unique ups and downs all designed to support my personal growth even when I am not aware of what is required.

I have to trust there is a bigger picture at play. It definitely makes life exciting!

I have a choice to buy into the struggle that maybe apparent or I can go with the flow of the current understanding my journey is being supported by a power I am yet to totally understand.

Life is good, magic occurs as I wait to see the ultimate outcome.

Let me know what you are passionate about achieving?

Enjoy your day it is a choice.

Love always



Day 24 – Own Your Feelings

Day 24 – Own Your Feelings

What we Believe we can AchieveDay 24 Own Your Feelings

No one person’s feelings will be exactly the same as another in the same situation. This weight surrendering journey that I have been doing with my husband has been interesting for me to observe. We eat the same food, do the same exercise and he loses 9 kg and I lose 5.4 kg. In the morning we did a weigh in and I feel sad and jealous.

Logically he is male, I am female, we store and hold fat differently, he is 6ft 2ins and I am 5ft 2 ins. He weighted 95kg and I weight 74kg, logic does not come with feelings that present with a charge attached. If I was to logically look at our differences and then assess the loss in percentage of weight lost it would not seem so different. As I just mention logic does not matter when the feeling has been activated.

The feelings are attached to old stories where we have had similar outcomes, old energy of being in competition instead of co creating individual visions. The feelings also have the attached fear of “am I going to be able to reach my vision”. The answer is definitely YES even if the time frame needs to be expanded. I am truly ok with whatever is required to happen.

If I quickly flashed back in time I can see many times where I judged a situation and saw myself lacking maybe in beauty, brains or intelligence. When I have found myself judging a situation or a person, I have open myself to being jealous when I seem less than another. In truth I am a unique perfect human being that has different unlimited potential.

I wonder if these feelings are attached to the old masculine feminine energy conflict. Could be, I really  no longer need to know, I am in a space of accepting what is and being open to release the energy and all stories that it is attached too.

“This whole competition role needs to change into co creation as a team player: being supportive while not being responsible for another person’s experience.”

Imagine if we all owned our own feelings, the growth that would follow would be phenomenal. Read about the power of our emotions

Have a great day

Love Always


Jenny and Gary Leather

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