Day 36 – Persistence is my Friend

Day 36 – Persistence is my Friend

Day 36 – Persistence

When I have a passion inspired vision for what I am creating and understand my WHY for travelling this road, PERSISTENCE is a very valuable gift to give myself. The actual time frame that the journey takes does not matter in the end when I can look upon the outcome. If it took 2 extra weeks, months or years in the end the timeframe will not matter especially if I have documented and understood the lesson acquired along the journey.

It only becomes difficult when I have not understood the value withheld in the journey. I remember thinking if XYZ happens or if someone does ABC then everything would be OK, I would be OK!

“This meant my joy and happiness was in the hands of someone else,

 I was giving then my power.”

This realisation caused me to say “NO MORE” if I was to BE happy it was a choice I get to make. I finally got the value of the journey; it was supporting me to become the person that could walk authentically within my vision for my life. A leader who lived a life that was inspirational to others to follow their hearts desire for their lives.

Looking back 5 or 10 years ago I had the vision but not the belief or understanding about myself internally to be able to walk this road. The numerous challenges over the last 10 years have developed my backbone to BE able to withstand anything life sends me.

For those of you that do not know my story these challenges included.

–        A son had cancer

–        Jenny’s only brother died on train station after massive heart attack, no warning.

–        Invested large sum of money with a businessman referred by friends and lost the lot.

–        Middle son had a work place accident amputating 4 fingers

–        Their property development went into liquidation after the GFC.

–        Financial challenges escalate.

–        Lost Family home

–        Huge credit card debt

There came a time when I dropped to my knees asking / yelling was more like it; to whomever was listening or to the universe, I cannot take this anymore and asked “what have I done wrong”? The answer came back intuitively

 “there is never anything wrong”.

An incredible calmness followed with a knowing it was all part of my journey to be able to stand in any heat that life presented and understand WHO I AM beyond the challenge.

Persistence has been my friend. All I needed to do was let go of the feeling holding me back.

Have a great day

Love always




Day 33 – Consistently Moving Forward

Day 33 – Consistently Moving Forward

Day 33 – Consistently moving forward

I am just BEING in the now feeling calm yet shaky on the inside. It is like something is about to pop and I am not sure what it is at this moment. My journey to surrendering 12 kg is progressing with ease. I am realistic what took years to gradually attach itself to me may take a while to leave.

I am OK about taking consistent steps daily and yet realistically I would love it to happen faster. (What is IT? To be slim and not to have to worry, well this is not realistic because this is a change of a way of being and in truth will always have to be monitored due to the fact for me this addiction has become a habit)

Here is this duality dilemma that is part of our daily reality. This is when focusing on what you do have and letting go of the old stories that are anchored in your past will serve your new reality.

I need to go back to my vision of BEING slim trim feeling terrific while being grateful for all that shows in my life.

My reality today IS, I am 7 kg lighter than 2 months ago, I am moving with ease when we go for our walks and I also feel great. Calm and centred believing that what needs to occur in my life is in place.

What happens when other areas of my life seem to have stagnated? What is the internal chatter? Release the emotion attached!

Keep taking one step towards my ultimate vision. Today I am going to work on some new educational videos to support other people’s journey to “Reclaim Your Power”.

A common question that I get asked regularly:

What do I do when fear gets a hold of my mind?

On recognising its presence I firstly slow my breathing and take 4 deep slow breathes that allow the energy to shift. In the beginning I use to find by starting to journal the thoughts out of my mind onto paper helped. At least we are staring the process of releasing there hold within the body. Then I would break the thoughts down into categories so I could define what the issue really was that needed to be dealt with NOW.

“Personally I would do a couple of fear release techniques that enables me to then re-examine the situation”.

Is there one area that I can see an action step to support me to be able to move forward? Yes then I do it NOW!

What are You afraid of NOW?

If I you really are stuck it is time to ask for help. There are numerous clearing techniques that can be used to shift the energy and help you to see the opening to break through.

The issues that are showing did not occur overnight and will need some time and effort to release.

As I mentioned yesterday “Patience is a virtue”

Enjoy the day

Love always


Day 23 – Healing required on Mind, Body and Spiritual level

Day 23 – Healing required on Mind, Body and Spiritual level

Day 23 – Healing at a Mind, Body and Spirit level allows for COMPLETION of a issue.

I understand weight issues are not just about the food we put in our mouth. The issue has been a symptom of conflicting issues in my life. I am not altogether sure I understand it all; I can see it is attached to self-esteem and self-worth areas. Complex in the least!

What happened to trigger the start of the problem? Was it something I read or heard? In truth it does not matter it is probably a culmination of numerous incidents and there is definitely different story attached to the validity of the situation.

For me I can see it was a way of hiding due to my own self-worth fragility which in and of itself is complex. When I really dig deep I think it occurs because I had lost my connection with myself from a mind body spirit perspective, Who was I to be brilliant, confident and a leader in doing what I loved? Now I realise how dare I not BE.

When I realised Everything was made up of the same substance at a quantum level and I remember thinking if I took one bucket of water out of the ocean, the only thing that was separating this water from being the ocean was the bucket. The same is truth for me; the only thing separating me from being all that is would be my physical body. At the moment of embodying this truth I realised healing had to be a multi-level event.

For this weight issue, on a spiritual level, I sent my picture to St John of God in Brazil and asked for healing in relation to my addiction to sugar and white flour. I also asked for this healing on the crystal bed here in Melbourne. Then on an emotional level I have been journaling this experience each day surrendering any emotion that is hindering my journey. At times I have had to sit with an emotion for a couple of hours or days before it moves through and out of my body. I first welcome and BE with how I am feeling with an intention for it to be dealt with at a higher level. Last but not least on a physical level I decided to use some drops to help my body eat my own fat, this required low calorie diet for the first 6 weeks to help eliminate the addiction my body held.

An interesting observation: I have been doing this journey alongside my husband. Neither of us has been hungry and if we experience strange feelings we imagine that the Pac Men are gobbling our excess fat. In truth it is a mind game supported by of souls/mind intent and played out in the physical body with many different rewards attached.

Manifestation of my vision “Slim Trim Feeling Terrific” with Ease supported by Grace.

If anyone has any questions or insights I would love to hear. Leave me a message.

Love always


Day 18 – Apprehensive about New Reality

Day 18 – Apprehensive about New Reality

Day 18 – Apprehensive about new Reality

As I look forward and see my slim trim feeling terrific version of myself the self-doubt arises. Asking will I be able to maintain my new look and attached to that is my new physical reality of creating an education program for others to take back their power.

To support others to take the driver seat of their lives excites me yet still there is a layer of the unknown that could be perceived as fear or understood as just part of the unknown. I am good with not knowing the full how! The self-doubt attach’s it opinion to past stories of how I did or did not maintain my intention to manage my weight better in the past. I remind myself I am not the same person I was one month ago let alone 2-3 years.

I am now able to give myself the chance to BE the person I envision myself to BE. That includes being confident and gentle on myself as I navigate this new reality. I remind myself that I am in the driver seat and whatever I am willing to receive I can achieve. This brings with it possibilities of moving into my future with ease pain free. After rupturing a disc in my back 32 years ago and struggling with different issues in my hip and neck, I have noticed when I eat well and in moderation the pain disappears. It is probably my spirit trying to remind me of how I want to BE is vanishing from the realm of possibility if I chose to eat sweet fatty foods.

I also understand that I am the creator of all my reality and I can create a different relationship with food. I have probably seen it as the enemy and not my friend. I have called some food bad and others good creating battle within the foods themselves. At some level this battle is going on within me. Time to understand at a deep level everything is made up of the same molecular substance and that if I send my food love and gratitude for being in my life the internal struggle would settle.

There is probably a lot of sense in praying over your food sending it love and the energy of appreciation. There is so many people around the world that have no food and would love to enjoy a plate of anything let alone the quality I am blessed to consume.

Have a relaxing day, love always


Day 15 – Cleaning up the Past

Day 15 – Cleaning up the Past

You are the designerDay 15 – Cleaning up the past

It’s funny when I finally decided to clean up my living environment I found I was ready to work on other challenging areas of my life. I spent 2 years addressing all the issues that presented themselves before I was ready to travel this journey with ease.

Suggestions: Start by cleaning up your home and wardrobe. A question Gary asks clients: Is your wallet tidy? I stated to consciously ensure my wallet was tidy, all the notes around the right way and receipt put away for the tax man? We studied with Reverend Ike, he explained how money needed to be respected for it to have the desire to stay or return to you. I think I just went a little off track but still valuable category to check.

Next I approached the workplace; the outstanding paperwork needed attending too and then filed for the taxman etc. I spent months getting all this done.  Last but definitely important was the relationship issues that were present, in tidying up these areas I was preparing for the new to appear.

I have found sometimes I needed to let people go who are no longer in alignment with my forth coming journey. I did this coming from the energy of love, knowing they needed to do other things. If I felt angry or hurt it was time for me to own these feeling and to choose too let them go.   I remained in the energy of gratitude as the heavy energy was being removed from my body.

If I was to encourage people to stay in my life or to If I had decided to change myself so that I would fit into their world would have stolen my energy along with my dreams. It was time to let them go.

I remember having to let go of 2 very close girlfriends, the grief that I felt is unexplainable. I was later to realise that their gift to me was to heal this grief at a very deep level. Maybe I would not have been able to access this pain without such a great loss. I thank them for being present in my life for 25 and 40 years.

I can see how challenging situations have assisted me to heal deep self-doubt and lack issues that I was not even aware were present until I was put under pressure. This healing work now allows me to move forward with my vision of inspiring others to connect and follow their heart.

What makes your heart sing?

In working with numerous clients I have seen the lack comes from believing there is something missing in our lives. I remember feeling as though I was lacking a connection with a part of me that had been trying to support my journey all along. Some people call this their soul, spirit or higher self. I had slipped into playing the game called life from solely my minds perspective, ultimately the mind started to control my life and the spirit was totally ignored unconsciously. Obviously a little more complex than can be explained here.

It was time for me to bring back balance into my life by learning to listen to my internal guidance! Then start designing a life in alignment with my heart’s desire. The mind then becomes a companion supporting this new vision.

Have a great weekend, do something special for yourself.

Love always




Jenny and Gary Leather

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