Day 30 – The Value of Appreciation!

Day 30 – The Value of Appreciation!

There is never another TIMEDay 30 – The value of Appreciation

Wow this was one of my Key lessons over the last 5 years. To appreciate the good bad and the sometimes ugly was the path required that enabled  healing to occur. In being in the energy of appreciation especially when challenges showed; I could start to transform whatever was presenting itself to be cleared and in turn transform a section of my life.

The whole key to creating a life filled with joy and purpose starts by understanding you are the creator of you present reality. It requires no judgement because in truth there are no good and bad situations; we only perceive feelings that we have interpreted to BE good OR bad.

If we accepted that the so called BAD feeling bring with them a gift of healing and the GOOD feelings bring a gift of inspiration along with motivation. Would you pay more attention to your emotional signs?

As soon as I understood this reality I decided to really understand this life game from this view point. My commitment to understand how I had spent my life giving away my power became a passion. Remember when you ask for something you are going to receive it even when you have no idea how the insights and lessons will appear.

About 10 years ago I asked my mentor how I could understand emotions when I had shut them down for 40 years. She told me all I needed was to have the intent, little did I understand what that request would really mean for my life. I have experienced such a variety of emotions along with challenges that I could have never dreamed. In the end they lead me to heal my attachment to items and people.

“This last journey of surrendering my attachment to food as a way to socialise and reward myself has been interesting as I play the role of the observer.”

 How does XYZ have me feel? Do I feel deprived? Do I accept this is just a choice leading to an outcome?

All good and provides me insight into the power of my mind to try to take back the driver seat of my life. I recognise the game and remind it I AM in the driver seat and that the mind has a support role.

This keeps me in the energy of APPRECIATION of how far I have come. As I have mentioned before our emotions hold an amazing gift

Have a great Fathers Day!

Love always


Day 23 – Healing required on Mind, Body and Spiritual level

Day 23 – Healing required on Mind, Body and Spiritual level

Day 23 – Healing at a Mind, Body and Spirit level allows for COMPLETION of a issue.

I understand weight issues are not just about the food we put in our mouth. The issue has been a symptom of conflicting issues in my life. I am not altogether sure I understand it all; I can see it is attached to self-esteem and self-worth areas. Complex in the least!

What happened to trigger the start of the problem? Was it something I read or heard? In truth it does not matter it is probably a culmination of numerous incidents and there is definitely different story attached to the validity of the situation.

For me I can see it was a way of hiding due to my own self-worth fragility which in and of itself is complex. When I really dig deep I think it occurs because I had lost my connection with myself from a mind body spirit perspective, Who was I to be brilliant, confident and a leader in doing what I loved? Now I realise how dare I not BE.

When I realised Everything was made up of the same substance at a quantum level and I remember thinking if I took one bucket of water out of the ocean, the only thing that was separating this water from being the ocean was the bucket. The same is truth for me; the only thing separating me from being all that is would be my physical body. At the moment of embodying this truth I realised healing had to be a multi-level event.

For this weight issue, on a spiritual level, I sent my picture to St John of God in Brazil and asked for healing in relation to my addiction to sugar and white flour. I also asked for this healing on the crystal bed here in Melbourne. Then on an emotional level I have been journaling this experience each day surrendering any emotion that is hindering my journey. At times I have had to sit with an emotion for a couple of hours or days before it moves through and out of my body. I first welcome and BE with how I am feeling with an intention for it to be dealt with at a higher level. Last but not least on a physical level I decided to use some drops to help my body eat my own fat, this required low calorie diet for the first 6 weeks to help eliminate the addiction my body held.

An interesting observation: I have been doing this journey alongside my husband. Neither of us has been hungry and if we experience strange feelings we imagine that the Pac Men are gobbling our excess fat. In truth it is a mind game supported by of souls/mind intent and played out in the physical body with many different rewards attached.

Manifestation of my vision “Slim Trim Feeling Terrific” with Ease supported by Grace.

If anyone has any questions or insights I would love to hear. Leave me a message.

Love always


Jenny and Gary Leather

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