Our Journey to Visit With John of God

Our Journey to Visit With John of God

Part 1
2 years ago this week we set out on our adventure to visit John of God at the Casa in Brazil. Little did we know that we would return with a “Crystal light healing Bed” and how our life would change for the better in the coming 2 years.
We left Melbourne and firstly went to England to visit Gary’s family and friends. We had packed up everything we owned into 2 storage units and mums garage. Trip pretty much paid for and no idea where or what we would be doing on our return. Trusting in the process of BEing open to heal and receive.
I will do a quick refresh for friends who are not aware of our journey the previous 5 years. We had experienced challenges on numerous levels. One of our sons had traveled the journey of removing cancer from body while months later his brother had amputated his fingers in a work place accident. Similar time frame my only brother died of massive heart attack on the train station and our business world collapsed around us after the global financial crisis. This was to also take our home and a large portion of our financial wealth. This left me asking what had I done wrong, I really knew I was a good person yet had no idea why all this was happening in succession.
When your world gets turned upside down like this I now understand the divine has a hand in the journey.
I had been interested in energy awareness and the reality of connecting with my soul’s journey; I specifically requested to understand the power of emotions. Wow, looking back BE careful what you ask for, I was to experience the depths of despair only to then rebuild and return to a place of peace, calm, inspiration, love and massively appreciative of the whole journey.
Interesting to observe the freedom we felt as we left Australia. The universe had conspired for us to go to Brazil for 5 weeks specifically to be in his presence on 21/12 2012 at the time it seemed to us to be a long visit.
Firstly my passport got held up for 33 days much longer than anyone expected. I had wanted to go in September to meet my son who was traveling with his girlfriend. That was not to be, the airfare nearly doubled and then when I checked for November they were ridiculously cheap $1340 return to England. When I went to the travel agency the girl who had been helping us could not get this price, when I checked again they were available (message do your own booking) I am extremely intuitive and was told I needed to go for 5 weeks yet Gary could not imagine what we were going to do for that long in a literally one horse town. So I thought lets go for 3 weeks, every time I tried the flight cost doubled or more. When I tried to book the 5 week stay everything fell into place with ease. So 5 weeks was the go!

In hindsight we needed this amount of time to heal then serve others.
Lesson here was when the universe is trying to help you surrender you need to let it do its work. Yes! this take trust and allowing the control desire to dissipate.
I also know you need to BE open to the possibility that you have the power to heal yourself emotionally, physically or spiritually. I have experienced that being in the presence of John of God and allowing the Crystal light healing bed sessions to support and fast track your process to awakening is a great gift to self.
2 years later we are looking forward to making new friends at John of God’s event in Sydney this month.
The universe conspired to have us attend with ease and Grace. Magic in play!

Love always


Jenny and Gary Leather

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