Day 33 – Consistently Moving Forward

Day 33 – Consistently Moving Forward

Day 33 – Consistently moving forward

I am just BEING in the now feeling calm yet shaky on the inside. It is like something is about to pop and I am not sure what it is at this moment. My journey to surrendering 12 kg is progressing with ease. I am realistic what took years to gradually attach itself to me may take a while to leave.

I am OK about taking consistent steps daily and yet realistically I would love it to happen faster. (What is IT? To be slim and not to have to worry, well this is not realistic because this is a change of a way of being and in truth will always have to be monitored due to the fact for me this addiction has become a habit)

Here is this duality dilemma that is part of our daily reality. This is when focusing on what you do have and letting go of the old stories that are anchored in your past will serve your new reality.

I need to go back to my vision of BEING slim trim feeling terrific while being grateful for all that shows in my life.

My reality today IS, I am 7 kg lighter than 2 months ago, I am moving with ease when we go for our walks and I also feel great. Calm and centred believing that what needs to occur in my life is in place.

What happens when other areas of my life seem to have stagnated? What is the internal chatter? Release the emotion attached!

Keep taking one step towards my ultimate vision. Today I am going to work on some new educational videos to support other people’s journey to “Reclaim Your Power”.

A common question that I get asked regularly:

What do I do when fear gets a hold of my mind?

On recognising its presence I firstly slow my breathing and take 4 deep slow breathes that allow the energy to shift. In the beginning I use to find by starting to journal the thoughts out of my mind onto paper helped. At least we are staring the process of releasing there hold within the body. Then I would break the thoughts down into categories so I could define what the issue really was that needed to be dealt with NOW.

“Personally I would do a couple of fear release techniques that enables me to then re-examine the situation”.

Is there one area that I can see an action step to support me to be able to move forward? Yes then I do it NOW!

What are You afraid of NOW?

If I you really are stuck it is time to ask for help. There are numerous clearing techniques that can be used to shift the energy and help you to see the opening to break through.

The issues that are showing did not occur overnight and will need some time and effort to release.

As I mentioned yesterday “Patience is a virtue”

Enjoy the day

Love always


Day 32 – Patience is an Asset

Day 32 – Patience is an Asset

Patience has not always been my strength!

I should have remembered from past experiences when I decided to surrender 12 kg to the universe it would take time.

Even though for the last 5 years it seems to be a consistent message that I need to acquire patience. I always want to know NOW yet I seem to have to wait to find out whether something is going to work out or not.

When I have been patient dealing with all the emotions that show during the time of waiting the next step eventually shows with relative ease. I am assuming because I dealt with the frustration, anger and in general annoyance is the reason the next step appeared.

I have assumed if XYZ happened then I will finally BE happy and everything will turn out the way I dreamed. I now understand I have to choose to BE happy in the now whether things turn out the way I desire or not.  Happiness is a choice especially in an amazing country like Australia where we have fresh air pure water and food along with a roof over our heads. We live in the absence of war and within reason are free to live a reasonable standard of living better than 95% of the world population.

We have a choice to focus on and be in appreciation for all that we have or we can continue to focus on what we do not want in our lives. Whichever one we choose to focus on will be the reality we will live. The choice is ours on a daily basis, I am choosing to focus on what I have and can do every day.

“What are you focusing on today? Do you look at the problems and Lack or do you see the abundance and opportunities?”

The choice is yours every day in every moment, choose to have a great day, make choices to ensure it becomes your reality. Start small grow strong! Read more

Love Always


Day 31 – Everyday is a new Day!

Day 31 – Everyday is a new Day!

Day 31 – Every Day is a New Day

Even though I have lost kg before I realise in every moment we get to have a new start if we decide it is so.

It really does not matter what happened before today yet is interesting to observe how our mind which gains its control over us from the past operates.

The stories that I create around what a particular situation means to my life are affected by many different past events that I have attached a particular meaning. This becomes like a merry go round adding more and more layers with more emotional attachments.

Depending on whether I have judged past situations to be right or wrong for my life journey and whether I have felt someone else is to blame for what occurred.

“All these scenarios have me giving my power to another person or situation;”

I recognise I am the one left drained. The chatter totally changes when I choose to take responsibility for what happened no matter what the outcome.

I know I have the power to make the changes to ensure the outcome gets adjusted in a way that supports my personal vision becoming a reality.

When the feelings that I am experiencing have me feeling frozen unable to move forward, I understand I need some support to detach from the fear that is attaching itself to the story I am playing in my head. As many of you would have heard fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. As I let go of the layers of stories and emotion that make up the energy of the fear I am able to walk through and beyond the fear into a new reality. Very hard to do this on your own!

As I have experienced this process numerous times before personally and with my clients I now understand that the fear is truly an energy coming from the ego’s fear of losing its own importance in our lives.

It makes sense to understand and make peace with that part of ourselves. As I mentioned every day has a fresh new slate to design and create our reality. Pateince is definitely an asset

Have a great day

Love always


Day 30 – The Value of Appreciation!

Day 30 – The Value of Appreciation!

There is never another TIMEDay 30 – The value of Appreciation

Wow this was one of my Key lessons over the last 5 years. To appreciate the good bad and the sometimes ugly was the path required that enabled  healing to occur. In being in the energy of appreciation especially when challenges showed; I could start to transform whatever was presenting itself to be cleared and in turn transform a section of my life.

The whole key to creating a life filled with joy and purpose starts by understanding you are the creator of you present reality. It requires no judgement because in truth there are no good and bad situations; we only perceive feelings that we have interpreted to BE good OR bad.

If we accepted that the so called BAD feeling bring with them a gift of healing and the GOOD feelings bring a gift of inspiration along with motivation. Would you pay more attention to your emotional signs?

As soon as I understood this reality I decided to really understand this life game from this view point. My commitment to understand how I had spent my life giving away my power became a passion. Remember when you ask for something you are going to receive it even when you have no idea how the insights and lessons will appear.

About 10 years ago I asked my mentor how I could understand emotions when I had shut them down for 40 years. She told me all I needed was to have the intent, little did I understand what that request would really mean for my life. I have experienced such a variety of emotions along with challenges that I could have never dreamed. In the end they lead me to heal my attachment to items and people.

“This last journey of surrendering my attachment to food as a way to socialise and reward myself has been interesting as I play the role of the observer.”

 How does XYZ have me feel? Do I feel deprived? Do I accept this is just a choice leading to an outcome?

All good and provides me insight into the power of my mind to try to take back the driver seat of my life. I recognise the game and remind it I AM in the driver seat and that the mind has a support role.

This keeps me in the energy of APPRECIATION of how far I have come. As I have mentioned before our emotions hold an amazing gift

Have a great Fathers Day!

Love always


Day 25 – I have only just Begun!

Day 25 – I have only just Begun!

If we are experiencing challenges we are growing into an unlimited possibilityDay 25 – I  have only just begun

Whether it is a weight journey or a business project it always feels like I have only just begun. You reach the peak of one mountain only to find the next one on the horizon.

The trick for me now is to follow my feelings and inspiration. What am I enjoying doing?. Does it make my heart sing? Is it bringing me closer or further away from my vision of inspiring others to follow their heart?

Each journey comes with its own unique ups and downs all designed to support my personal growth even when I am not aware of what is required.

I have to trust there is a bigger picture at play. It definitely makes life exciting!

I have a choice to buy into the struggle that maybe apparent or I can go with the flow of the current understanding my journey is being supported by a power I am yet to totally understand.

Life is good, magic occurs as I wait to see the ultimate outcome.

Let me know what you are passionate about achieving?

Enjoy your day it is a choice.

Love always



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