Day 8 – How one area of our life affects all componants

Day 8 – How one area of our life affects all componants

Day 8 – How one area of our life affects all components.

It seems to me life tries to send us ways to heal our limiting beliefs to awaken to our potential. For 30 years I struggled with my weight. On review it was never that bad maybe 10 – 12 kg before something inside of me said “Enough is enough what are you doing girl?”

Then I would change my action for a short while and get the response I desired. Then there appears to be a pattern, one day someone would mention how great I looked and within 2 months the weight would start to come back on. This was a journey I think I have repeated 15 -20 times over 34 years. What was I missing? What was going on within me that repeated this over and over again?

All the data says most people who put lose weight regain slightly more by the next year. The more we diet the bigger we get so obviously the dieting was not working in the long term. Interesting what do you do when you lose things? For me you go find them, interesting how we all go find those lost kilo’s. The power of our words!

If all experiences on earth are here for us to heal something at a deeper level maybe I had missed an amazing opportunity.

On review I think I have hit the nail on the head but for me it took the MAC TRUCK to hit me so that I would finally awaken to how I sabotaged my life. The mac truck came as a financial meltdown due to a property development collapsing after the GFC and numerous other things imploding due to level of debt.

It appears if you do not listen to early prompts they only get bigger.

– I was to experience

–  A son having cancer

– My only brother died on train station after massive heart

– Invested large sum of money with a businessman referred by friends and lost the lot.

– Middle son had a work place accident amputating 4 fingers

– Our property development went into liquidation after the GFC.

– Financial challenges escalate.

– Lost Family home

– Huge credit card debt

Before I was finally ready to heal what was within me that needed releasing. What else would need to happen for me to realise I was a common denominator in all these situations.

Now I want to make it very clear this is not about blaming yourself it is about grabbing the gift of healing as soon as possible.

I now realise if I had of known how to heal the emotions around why I eat maybe my life would have taken a different turn. I also understand all is perfect I am experiencing and understanding this process because I am not the only one that will benefit.

In asking why did I turn to food? Could a group of people have an agenda about keeping people easily controlled? Maybe! Who benefits from all the process foods and diet products? How do people feel when they are overweight or giving their self a hard time for eating the food that is presented to us every day. Are we being sublimely programmed to eat mind dulling food? What would happen if we decided to love and nurture the temple we live in?

I imagine we would be feeling lighter, enthusiastic for life. Maybe we would even choose to live by different values all interesting topics to ponder. The power is in letting go of emotions that limit our potential to BE HAPPY.

Enough for today to ponder.

Love Always


Jenny and Gary Leather

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