Day 27 – What do I want to create throughout my life?

Day 27 – What do I want to create throughout my life?

Day 27 – What do I want to create throughout my life?

To find a duplicable path to experience joy and happiness beyond the daily apparent challenges that appears.

To let go of the story that says challenges is wrong, it is apparent the test comes before I acquire the insights available for my personal growth.

If it is my destiny to inspire / support others, so be it, if not that is OK as well.

With the understanding that all that is showing is ultimately supporting me to remember my greatest potential. Whether it is: the weight loss journey, the financial upheaval or the business evolvement that I have showing up presently in my reality. It is a matter at watching the synchronicity of the unfolding events that are occurring and how I feel in any moment.

Alongside the apparent events I have incredible support working with my friend and coach Isabel Vidal from South Africa and Nicole Rigato who is supporting me to work with and through St John of God, Very interesting times.

Life is always offering keys to support understanding or personal healing.

Is there a common theme? Yes to each of these experiences in the past I have given my power away for a multitude of reasons I am no longer prepared to accept.

So now I need to be awake, observe with inquisitive eyes.

Each situation without judgement of right or wrong, if it is present it is as it is. Tuning in regularly to see how I am feeling while having the intent to allow all these emotions to keep moving through and beyond me. In recognising whether these thoughts predominately inspire me to keep moving forward or are they holding me back. I am happy to say I feel very motivated to keep going with the flow of my life.

The relaxed content space that I am holding feels good, the unknown is present yet I am Ok for now. The self-judgement has greatly eased and I feel I am flowing with life.

Ready for a new and exciting day!

Enjoy the day

Love always



Jenny and Gary Leather

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