Why Is Our Wealth Deteriorating Rapidly?

Why Is Our Wealth Deteriorating Rapidly?

We are asleep to our own truth and potential!     Do you want to awaken?      Your answer will set you fate.

“Sorry for the doom and gloom but it is time to BE real.”

I am sometimes stopped in my tracks when I hear reports of the US Government agreeing to spend $100,000,000,000 in the next 6 months on fighting War globally. (This happen this week( This is while their own people are losing their jobs along with their homes and millions of people eat via food stamps in a country that WAS the land of opportunity.  In Australia we will follow if we do not learn NOW!

Get very clear the powers to be do not care about every day HUMAN BEINGS they actually want you to stay asleep and not realise you are being slowly boiled.

What has happened to us all that we do not take action in the millions? Why do we not see the truth in front of our eyes?

Someone once told me if you put a frog in a boiling pot he will quickly jump out yet if you put him in warm water and slowly turn up the heat he will remain as he slowly gets use to the heat before it is too late. He has no POWER to jump.

To some degree this is what has happened to the majority of human beings / citizens of USA, EUROPE, BRITAIN and AUSTRALIA. The countries that thought they were indestructible have been conned over many years to BEING part of the overall problem that stems from the energy of lack and greed. (simplistic explanation yet true)

The government in conjunction with the banking system have slowly boiled us especially over the last 35 years.

We were sold a story that had us believing we could have and do everything we wanted without consequence. We could steal materials from the earth and chop down forests and it not ultimately impacts us all. We could allow the abuse of workers in one country while we took the profits in our countries.

This is the tip of the iceberg of what has been taking place. A group of men back in the early 30’s designed a banking system that would ultimately bankrupt the world; they privately own the federal reserve of America. If you do not believe me do the research, the “Federal Reserve” is a privately owned company that rule all political decisions on both sides of the fence.

I do not care about them or their actions because now the power is ours in how we respond. There is so many powers games happening in the form of wars around the world while the powers to be FEAR losing their edge. They fight over oil, drugs and so called nuclear power threats at the price of our children’s lives. They sell us the storys based in the energy of fear that they are doing this war and fighting for us this is the biggest B…. Sh….. that you will ever hear, they do not care about our sons and daughters they are trying to hold onto power globally anyway they can at any price. This requires you to BE in fear.

I am suggesting a different way, start from the energy of love. What would it say?

Would we choose to kill another person son or daughter when we do not really understand the hidden agenda? Let’s go a step further would you kill another person’s child if it meant that you would have to let them kill one of yours.

This is how crazy war is at every level, when you awaken to the truth at some level the people we are killing are also our children then we would be in continual grief. In truth maybe we are, maybe this is why we all fell asleep because the pain becomes to great.

Enough! Start to learn how to take responsibility of our life daily in all that you do and think. Together we could change the world.


Yes initially you can get angry at the levels of betrayal and lies that you have been fed all your life (That is what they are hoping for, you keep giving them power) or you can awaken to the possibility of RECLAIMING YOUR POWER NOW with EASE supported by GRACE!

This starts by learning the value of releasing the anger you feel, learning how to BE gentle on YOURSELF through this process. Ultimately the goal is to understand that we ALL play a role in this deception and the longer we stay asleep to the truth we cannot be part of the solution.

I could talk on this topic for days but in truth I would rather focus on the solution and this starts with every one of us NOW.

Thanks for reading this far, please ask questions and I will respond truthfully. Gary and I have studied this system for the last 5 years in depth globally.

Release any feeling that arise in reading this post and set a intent to learn more with ease.

Love always





Jenny and Gary Leather

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