Day 34 – Leave the Past Behind

Day 34 – Leave the Past Behind

Over the last 5 weeks of sharing my journey of surrendering 12 kg to the universe with ease I have experienced the value of leaving the past behind because it is not where I am going. As I have shared I have dieted numerous times over the last 30 years yet I have never known the value of dealing with my emotions along the way to creating a new physical image.

It is interesting to note that in the past my mind got all it validating data from the past even though those experiences are gone. I now realise I am being asked to let go of creating from past reality and to design from envisioning what i desire NOW!


This vision will require me to let go of feelings attached to the old stories with ease supported by grace. The hook into the past is attached by emotions to certain situations. These can be entertaining to investigate, when I learned how to disassociate from the blah blah chatter which was is filled with judgment, excuse and blame within these stories.

Yes there is a new way, dare to dream again with the intent coming from how can I add value to my life first then ultimately to others by sharing my passion and talents? What do I enjoy doing every day?

“My lesson has been to take responsibility for all that is occurring in my life while surrendering to the learning’s available.”

What if the things you love others are not ready for yet?

As I mentioned this week patience is a virtue.  I have always been a bit ahead of the game and now realise everything I have learned was needed firstly by me to become the confident person I am today. To increase my self-belief and   self- worth!

Anything beyond these gifts for me would be a bonus; I still have the dream of sharing the insights with others, this already happens on a daily basis, interesting the dream does not always occur in the format you originally thought; only time will tell.

I am open to what life presents for the next road to appear, which I will now be able to travel with ease and grace. Over the last 6 weeks I realise physically I have been preparing for this new road to appear. 7 kg surrendered to the universe, feeling slim, trim feeling terrific amazing journey.

The insights and life lesson experienced over the last 10 years have been incredibly valuable to my life, now in being the change I have experienced I will see what life has to offer.

Then it enters my mind that maybe I will endeavour on a totally different path that is just around the corner. Only time will tell!

Good to be open to possibilities beyond what you had envisioned, the universe works in mysterious ways.

Yesterday I was discussing consistently moving forward enables you to create your vision,

Have a great day!

Love Always


Jenny and Gary Leather

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