Day 40 Maybe I have only just begun!

Day 40 Maybe I have only just begun!

Day 40 –  Maybe I have only just begun!

I originally planned to write about this journey for 40 days to cement the insights and learning’s I acquired along the way of surrendering 12 kg to the universe with ease. I have now decided to drop back to tracking this personal journey once a week, to ensure I am aware if for any reason I am slipping into old patterns. Maintain conscious awareness!


“The journey of life for me is about growth and finding the experiences that bring joy and happiness into my life”.

 I spent so many years totally unconscious to the patterns and choices that had been holding me back. I now understand this is all part of the game of life; we come into this journey forgetting our potential so that we can have experiences that enable us to heal past wounds.

For me it is about reconnecting to my all that I AM with ease and grace. To share my journey and insights with those who are ready and able to hear. To find experiences that have me feeling the joy that life offers every day by being in the energy of appreciation for life itself. I have spent too many years annoyed at life for serving up experience’s I judged to be wrong.

It is funny how you can see the value in a particular circumstance years down the track. Patience truly is a virtue I needed to acquire over the coming years.

Looking forward:

I feel our economy may be coming into a challenging time, no matter what the papers or the politicians tell us. Gary and I have been following and studying the wold economy and currency for over 6 years.

“The majority of people are not prepared emotionally or physically for a massive slow down;”

 I am hoping my experience over the last 5 years can add value to others especially when I am sure this too shall pass.

The sooner we are emotionally able to navigate any situation, the quicker we will understand the value of “Reclaiming Your Power”.

Bye for Now

Love always


Day 39 – Letting Go

Day 39 – Letting Go

Day 39 – Letting go

I have been required to let go of numerous situations over the last few years all supporting me to reclaim my own power consciously.

  1.  Expectation of how life should or should not be,
  2. People who do not live up to my expectations or who do not have matching values
  3.  People or situations that steal my energy both conscious and unconsciously,
  4. Challenges that have been holdings me back from stepping into my power
  5.  Along with the emotions attached to all these situations which were being supported by my own limiting beliefs

Together all these experiences had been collectively holding me back from understanding my connection with my higher power and also understanding my purpose in life.

“Which for me personally is to experience joy, happiness

and also to inspire others who are ready to take the challenge to BE happy”.

All good!

Ok I had heard and understood the need to let go but how could I do this with ease?

On reflection it actually made it easier when I finally realised; letting go was not something that I would only need to do ONCE for everything to be fine; it actually lowered the pressure to get it right. I started to understand letting go was something that would BE a part of my life every day.

It was to be part of the game of life if I was prepared to grow, evolve and ultimately allow the butterfly that was held within to shine.

Yes I understand I held limiting belief systems that at times would require to be challenged if I desired change.

The definition of insanity holds true “Try to do things the same way over and over while expecting a different outcome is insane” I understand this means if I want a different outcome it required me to change a past pattern to get a different outcome.

The one that I am looking at today is my past programming around the cycle of losing weight, finding myself looking great, only to not truly value the effort and commitment it took for me to reclaim my power, due to my past programming.

I had a story running that said I was not good enough or worthy of compliments or praise.  As soon as someone would say “I looked great” I would unconscious believe that in some way that was not meant for me. I would unconsciously choose to put the weight back on, to confirm to me I was not worthy of the compliment. Yes this may sound crazy but in truth we make many decisions unconsciously everyday supporting what we really believe and say to ourselves most days.

I wonder whether other people have had similar experiences. Please let me know!

What do you say when you look in the mirror or maybe you avoid the mirror? Do you praise and compliment your features or do you look at the things that you do not like? I was always the later!

When something goes wrong do you give yourself a hard time?

Do you find fault in your ability to excel?

I am now 7.6 kg lighter than 2 months ago, I have surrendered this weight to the universe with ease and I love the way I look and feel. I am now taking the time to document how I feel and what this means to me. By recognising how easier it is to walk allowing me to enjoy the experience. Noticing the variety of clothes I have to wear and in general I recognise the lack of cravings even when the food is right in front of me. This is very different outcome because usually I would have eaten fatty or sweet foods before I even gave it a second thought.

By remembering my vision of BEING slim trim feeling terrific; a smile comes to my face when I realise I am fulfilling this outcome with ease.

This journaling has supported the whole experience because whatever has presented itself, I have let go of the stories behind the feeling every day. This supports my belief that I have changed on the inside as much as on the outside.

I am looking forward to buying some sexy lingerie and new clothes in the coming months!

Thank you for letting me share this journey, one day to go.

Have a great day

Love always


Day 38 – Stress

Day 38 – Stress

Where do you want to live?Wow day 38 of my journey to surrender 12 kg to the universe with ease.

“Is stress causing us to get fat”

 because many of us blame stress on why we eat?

What is causing stress? Are some people predisposed to stress? Can we do anthing about it? YES! YES! YES!

This is becoming a chronic problem in our society again because we are not taught how to deal or understand stress from a mind, body and spiritual level. Yes stress has a footing in every category and obviously a complex problem that cannot be dealt with in a one page article.

Is it in our DNA or do we pick up poor management skills from our environment? For some both and for some other people they tend to be able to flick issues off or are they stuffing then down to arise in the form of dis-ease in the body, mind and spirit later down the journey.

Emotional turmoil is the stress that seems to be causing the biggest problems in our community

“Let’s look at one facet of stress that we have the power to alleviate”.

The torment caused by the internal chatter we end up agreeing with that may never happen on review is crazy. The chatter may go like this or similar:

-Am I going to be able to pay the bills?

-Maybe I will be next to lose my job!

-Perhaps she doesn’t love me!

– If only I knew what I should be doing to be enough blah blah.

All these scenarios that include the words maybe, should, could of, if only all come from the manufacture of stories department of your brain and have NO absolute value if you do not agree to play along.

What IS “IS”!

Let’s have a look at some of this mind chatter maybe there is a different perspective if we just STOPPED stood back from the situation and asked some different questions.

Can you pay your bills today? Yes or NO

Do you normally find a way to pay the bills in the past?

If the answer is yes then more than likely you will again, it is now a matter of whether you always get stressed about this scenario or you choose to stop and see the truth around this story and decide to lower the stress now.

Take 5 slow deep breaths right down into your lower abdomen and breathe out the stress on the exhale and breathe in calm relaxed energy on the inhale.

Personally I would also work on releasing the feelings attached to the stories in this moment or with a coach/ mentor.

If the answer was NO then you need support in looking at where and how you are spending your money. When we admit we are in a hole only then can someone come and help pull us out if need be.

Next situation that a lot of people are experiencing at the moment, worrying about losing your job, this worry will affect your ability to focus and do great work; so you would be better to focus on doing your job well and accept if it is you time to go so be it. If you truly have done all you can to add value to your company and they do not value you, better to leave. First ask yourself now “Am I REALLY putting in 100%”?

This is a great time to take RESPONSIBILTY for your own mind and start to learn to be the driver and stop the mind dictating what is and is not true.

Third scenario: You cannot make someone love you, I have learned over the years the best place to start is to love yourself whether someone else does or not should not be important. If they cannot see who you are then maybe you are better without them. If you know your own gifts and talent and another does not value them, why would you guys be together.

This will also require time to deal with your emotions around being able to value and love yourself.

Last but not least if only I knew what I should be doing to be enough or valuable. In truth we are always enough exactly as we are yet maybe the questions could be what will make me happy today and make sure you do 1 or 2 things along with deciding to BE HAPPY, Yes it is a choice!

Maybe we all make it too difficult because our definition of happiness has so many different attachments. I have to own XYZ and achieved ABC and also it has to pay me PQRS to BE HAPPY and before you know what we are stressed to the MAX.

“We cannot break the cycle if we make joy and happiness depend on

 achieving or owning materialistic items and accolades from others.”

 Be YOUR own best critic and keep reminding yourself you are doing YOUR best every day.

This will help lower stress levels remember to take time out for you to enjoy the day. Perhaps notice the trees or lay on the grass and watch the clouds for 10 mins, this all cost nothing monetary wise but the value you get by allowing your life force particles to return back to your body comes with great riches. 1oz of life forces particles is worth its weight in gold; take the time to let them return with ease.

Have a great day TODAY and decide to lower your stress every day by not buying into the internal chatter.

Love always


Day 36 – Persistence is my Friend

Day 36 – Persistence is my Friend

Day 36 – Persistence

When I have a passion inspired vision for what I am creating and understand my WHY for travelling this road, PERSISTENCE is a very valuable gift to give myself. The actual time frame that the journey takes does not matter in the end when I can look upon the outcome. If it took 2 extra weeks, months or years in the end the timeframe will not matter especially if I have documented and understood the lesson acquired along the journey.

It only becomes difficult when I have not understood the value withheld in the journey. I remember thinking if XYZ happens or if someone does ABC then everything would be OK, I would be OK!

“This meant my joy and happiness was in the hands of someone else,

 I was giving then my power.”

This realisation caused me to say “NO MORE” if I was to BE happy it was a choice I get to make. I finally got the value of the journey; it was supporting me to become the person that could walk authentically within my vision for my life. A leader who lived a life that was inspirational to others to follow their hearts desire for their lives.

Looking back 5 or 10 years ago I had the vision but not the belief or understanding about myself internally to be able to walk this road. The numerous challenges over the last 10 years have developed my backbone to BE able to withstand anything life sends me.

For those of you that do not know my story these challenges included.

–        A son had cancer

–        Jenny’s only brother died on train station after massive heart attack, no warning.

–        Invested large sum of money with a businessman referred by friends and lost the lot.

–        Middle son had a work place accident amputating 4 fingers

–        Their property development went into liquidation after the GFC.

–        Financial challenges escalate.

–        Lost Family home

–        Huge credit card debt

There came a time when I dropped to my knees asking / yelling was more like it; to whomever was listening or to the universe, I cannot take this anymore and asked “what have I done wrong”? The answer came back intuitively

 “there is never anything wrong”.

An incredible calmness followed with a knowing it was all part of my journey to be able to stand in any heat that life presented and understand WHO I AM beyond the challenge.

Persistence has been my friend. All I needed to do was let go of the feeling holding me back.

Have a great day

Love always




Day 32 – Patience is an Asset

Day 32 – Patience is an Asset

Patience has not always been my strength!

I should have remembered from past experiences when I decided to surrender 12 kg to the universe it would take time.

Even though for the last 5 years it seems to be a consistent message that I need to acquire patience. I always want to know NOW yet I seem to have to wait to find out whether something is going to work out or not.

When I have been patient dealing with all the emotions that show during the time of waiting the next step eventually shows with relative ease. I am assuming because I dealt with the frustration, anger and in general annoyance is the reason the next step appeared.

I have assumed if XYZ happened then I will finally BE happy and everything will turn out the way I dreamed. I now understand I have to choose to BE happy in the now whether things turn out the way I desire or not.  Happiness is a choice especially in an amazing country like Australia where we have fresh air pure water and food along with a roof over our heads. We live in the absence of war and within reason are free to live a reasonable standard of living better than 95% of the world population.

We have a choice to focus on and be in appreciation for all that we have or we can continue to focus on what we do not want in our lives. Whichever one we choose to focus on will be the reality we will live. The choice is ours on a daily basis, I am choosing to focus on what I have and can do every day.

“What are you focusing on today? Do you look at the problems and Lack or do you see the abundance and opportunities?”

The choice is yours every day in every moment, choose to have a great day, make choices to ensure it becomes your reality. Start small grow strong! Read more

Love Always


Jenny and Gary Leather

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