Day 31 – Everyday is a new Day!

Day 31 – Everyday is a new Day!

Day 31 – Every Day is a New Day

Even though I have lost kg before I realise in every moment we get to have a new start if we decide it is so.

It really does not matter what happened before today yet is interesting to observe how our mind which gains its control over us from the past operates.

The stories that I create around what a particular situation means to my life are affected by many different past events that I have attached a particular meaning. This becomes like a merry go round adding more and more layers with more emotional attachments.

Depending on whether I have judged past situations to be right or wrong for my life journey and whether I have felt someone else is to blame for what occurred.

“All these scenarios have me giving my power to another person or situation;”

I recognise I am the one left drained. The chatter totally changes when I choose to take responsibility for what happened no matter what the outcome.

I know I have the power to make the changes to ensure the outcome gets adjusted in a way that supports my personal vision becoming a reality.

When the feelings that I am experiencing have me feeling frozen unable to move forward, I understand I need some support to detach from the fear that is attaching itself to the story I am playing in my head. As many of you would have heard fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. As I let go of the layers of stories and emotion that make up the energy of the fear I am able to walk through and beyond the fear into a new reality. Very hard to do this on your own!

As I have experienced this process numerous times before personally and with my clients I now understand that the fear is truly an energy coming from the ego’s fear of losing its own importance in our lives.

It makes sense to understand and make peace with that part of ourselves. As I mentioned every day has a fresh new slate to design and create our reality. Pateince is definitely an asset

Have a great day

Love always


Day 28 – Power of Emotions

Day 28 – Power of Emotions

Day 28 – Of Sharing my journey of surrendering 12 kg to the universe with ease.

Yesterday I had a session with Nicole Rigato on the St John of God crystal healing table. For people who have never heard of the power of crystals to facilitate high vibration energy that supports healing go to

The environment allows higher energies to work on all different levels of your numerous energy bodies to support transformation and healing of limiting belief’s, old paradigms and dis-ease that have been holding back your potential.

Early in the year I had been very sick with asthma and nodules on my lung. With one session the nodules disappeared just leaving a white scar mark which on having a repeat cat scan they told me they have gone. Then the next session I asked for work on my hip that has arthritis from an accident when I was 22yrs old. I have been using pain killers and anti-inflammatory tablets on and off for years. I have used none since that session.

Today I had my third session preparing me to use the table to support other clients awakening in conjunction with their personal growth journey.

I have been asked to write more often and to share my journey of connecting with life via my heart connection with all that is.

I realise sometimes you need to fall pretty low before you scream for help from anyone who is listening. I was later to learn that you need to ask before angels or higher beings can step into support your journey.

I remember feeling very low due to the loss of a property development which came with the loss of large sums of money from our own accounts and also investors: some of which were friends and family. I really reached a place of not caring whether I lived or died but in truth that decision was not up to me. One afternoon I got hit by a car at the local shops, the driver could not see me through a blind spot and his backing light was not working so I was not aware of his movement until I found myself lying on the road.

The local shopkeeper rang Gary and my son Marcus who came straight away; I was fortunate to only have a bump of the head and some missing skin. On driving home I realised how lucky I had been and contemplated the fact that it was not my time to leave earth.


“What was it that I needed to surrender too? Everything that was happening! “

I did not want to face losing the family home or the lifestyle I had been living for years.

What did I have to heal, release or learn more about? The emotions attached to the underlying stories that I was giving my power away to. The story that had me believing that I lacked what it took to reconnect with my unlimited potential.

As my human journey begun little did I understand when I took that first breath on earth I had unconsciously agreeing to forget all previous insights and knowledge that I had acquired through many life times. I had made sacred contracts to learn experience and heal parts of me this life time. I realise now I am continuously given opportunities to fulfil this journey and to raise my vibration so that I can manifest with ease.

It is all about the vibration that I am emitting into the world!

This is why my thoughts and feelings are so important, Thoughts become real manifestations, the key to the unconscious thoughts I am having are highlighted by the emotions I am experiencing.

Hence the importance of stopping and checking in with how you are feeling at least daily.

When my emotional state is positive I am in the energy of taking responsibility for all my actions and reality. Negative emotions are more likely present when I am judging another or myself along with justifying why something is so. Every time I blame another or make an excuse why I did XYZ I am giving my power over to another.

When I realised I was the common denominator in all my life situations I started to see the value of taking responsibility, looking out for the learning’s that come with insights as I expanded and grew into the amazing human being that I am in every moment.

It is an extreme blessing to be on earth at this time, I am very grateful to see “what am I going to learn next”? I have shared earlier this week the value of owning your emotions

Have an amazing day, back tomorrow

Love always


Day 26 – Sometimes we Stagnate, All Good!

Day 26 – Sometimes we Stagnate, All Good!

Day 26 – Sometimes we stagnate, All Good!

I have experienced times were the physical manifestation of my dream seems to come to a halt. I can see it as a time for review, reassessment prior to uncovering the next step or I can get hard on myself and limit my growth.

Now let me think which option I will chose, keep to my clear vision clear in this case “Slim trim feeling terrific” Maybe today I have to do something different to kick start the weight loss for the week. As is normal my body has gone into freeze mode, time for a walk and a dose of bran.

I remind myself to remember “You have surrendered 5.2kg to the universe with ease” That is a lot of weight to be carrying every day. Focus on the jeans that I wore the other day that was stuffed in the back of the cupboard so I was not reminded that they had become too tight.

I am experiencing gratitude for my commitment to create a healthy temple to live within. I visualise my body moving with ease as we travel the world experiencing new and magical places and people.

Feels good excited about the future as I take that next step each day.

What step are you going to commit to today that will take you a little closer to fulfilling a dream. I remember to focus on the value of appreciation in these moments

Love to hear your feedback

Love always


Day 20 – Feeling Blessed – My healing experience!

Day 20 – Feeling Blessed – My healing experience!

Blessing are NormalDay 20 – Feeling blessed – My experience of healing

This year has been amazing time, many ups and downs. In February I was experiencing major shortness of breath and chest pain. Due to the fact my brother had a massive heart attack at 50 yrs old and died, I thought it was sensible to have a full check-up.

After all the tests and scans came back the cardiologist said my heart was perfect but that they had found a couple of nodules on my lung that should not be there.

As you do I started to do some research and for women over 50 these nodules had 57% chance of being cancerous. I decided I was going to be in the 43%.

I started doing some liver cleansing and lower PH of the body. The breathing problem persisted and if anything was getting worse. During this time, Gary and I had been living an isolated life but ready for a change; we decided to go to a one day workshop to meet new people.

I remember thinking “will we or will we not go” then a friend sent us 2 free tickets and it seemed we were meant to be in attendance. At the event we meet a friend who we have come across 4 times in 20 years. After having a great catch up he suggested we meet his girlfriend. (The reason I was there)

About 2 weeks later we made a time to get together, the night before I made a comment about “Wonder what this meeting is about?” I just had a sense it was not just coffee. Michael and Nicole had the same feeling. Not long into the meeting I shared my challenge with my lung and she told how she worked with St John of God in Brazil (I had already been told about him by 2 other people and even read about him on the internet) along with an amazing journey she has been experiencing.

I was in amazement!

I already understood all die-ease in the body is attached to blockages in the energy system and has emotional underlay. I could feel the healing work starting on me straight away. I was actually getting worse as we spoke. She told me this was huge loss issues in my life. I responded she had hit the nail on the head especially after the last couple of years.

We went on to discuss how she has bought a crystal healing bed from Brazil to a clinic in Melbourne and Sydney,( you can only do this if St John of God gives his blessing).

Usually it takes weeks to get an appointment but she mentioned she had time the next afternoon. Prior to hoping on the table, Nicole asked numerous questions and I told her the nodules were on the left side (In hindsight I never asked the doctor, I was shocked and assumed my heart was on the left therefore the lung must have been the left).

During the session, I knew some work was being done on the left side of my head and my whole right side only. Nicole confirmed and mentioned she did not know why the left side was not worked on. I went home annoyed that what I asked had not happened. That night I got worse and was going to the toilet every hour for 10 hrs. The next week I remember thinking I am getting sicker yet I sensed my body was cleansing something. Things improved over the next couple of weeks, I took prednisolone for the asthma and felt better. I had not gone back for my next scan; in truth I was scared of the outcome. Cancer was not a journey I wanted to travel.

A friend convinced me to go and face what needed to happen, so following Monday I went back to doctor to get paper work for the next tests. While we were there she mentioned the nodules were, 4.8 mm and 5.6 mm on the middle and upper lobe of the right lung. I could not believe my ears. Right side was where I had all the spiritual surgery in Nicole’s office. Immediately I knew I would be healed, the nodules would be gone. All the sickness following the session was getting rid of the disease. The following day I had the next scan and on Friday I got the results. No nodule only 2 faint white scars, an amazing blessing!

I had one other session for my hip that had been injured 30 years ago after rupturing a disc. I have had no pain killers or anti-inflammatory since that session.

This has been an amazing time; yesterday I found out that St John of God has given me permission and his blessing to learn how to facilitate the crystal healing bed here in Melbourne. After 25 years nursing, 10 years of studying energy healing and spirituality come meta physical reality, I’m not sure where my journey is taking me yet it feels exciting.

Thank you for following my journey and allowing me to share.

Love always



Day 1 – Weight Surrendering Journey

Day 1 – Weight Surrendering Journey

An old path of surrendering 12 kg back to the universe with Ease and Grace.

Supporting me to “Reclaim my Power” and step into my own greatness.

Day 1 – After travelling this journey for 35 years I now ponder on what it was all about and how today can and is this journey going to be different. Start with being honest. It does not matter what process you choose to support you on this journey, I have tried most but truthfully I have never been willing to look at the emotional story underneath the journey.

 Today is the day I am going to start the investigation with no real expectations other than to clear this at the deepest level so I am free to BE ME with ease and grace.

I wanted to look a certain way to BE seen as pretty, enough, in the group, acceptable, blah blah I thought to BE these things I needed look and dress a certain way. Yes I watched the movies and magazine’s!

Later this whole story was the one that sent me close to financial ruin.

I was unable to look at what I had when I had it, I did not recognise the ease that I was able to move around. I did not see my own abundance to be able to buy the food I was consuming. I could not see my skills as a nurse and the ability I had to make a difference to families. I did not recognise that it was MY body that was supporting all these components of my life.


33 years ago I went to Jenny Craig where they told me I needed to be 52 kg and I remember getting to 53 kg and feeling and looking AMAZING if I do say so myself only for the coach to say well you did not reach your goal. I had mentioned I was HAPPY and could I start maintenance and for her I should have kept going another week or two. (She had a story that said success meant reaching your goal anything else was not good enough)


Was she right or wrong? Neither! She was showing me a couple of things about myself. I always wanted approval or acceptance from others. She did not give it to me so I thought I was the failure.


What would have happened if I listened to my own internal guidance that said I looked amazing? How differently could I have responded?  I could have said “I hear what you are say (Acknowledge the other persons opinion yet) for me NOW I am happy and proud of how I look, (Stand up for yourself) can you help me to learn to maintain this present body weight?” (Have them feel important and valuable)


Instead I went into the poor woe me story (Victim role that I have played well all my life) and allowed the coach to steal my pride in what I had achieved. ( I gave my power to her at that time unconsciously) I never did the maintenance properly because I was too busy giving myself a hard time for not reaching the goal.


I was to yo yo for the next 30 yrs. After kids I would be happy being 62 kgs. I am now 74.6 kg (MY heaviest ever but just a number showing where I am at today, not defining the future) just deciding to experience the next phase of my life in a healthy vibrant body of a  64kg women and REALLY excited about the decision.  I now look back at the fact “ it did not matter what I weighed at different times” I was never happy and proud of my body image. I really did not know what happiness was or required of me to BE for happiness to BE a reality in my life. I was still being delusional about the expectations that had been marketed to me.


The difference is I NOW love my body 74.6 kg of it. (Yes I have to take a deep breath and let go of any internal judgement that arises now and again. It is OK normal, breath and let go, congratulate yourself for acknowledging your feelings)

I am able to play this game called life through this body (MY TEMPLE) Can I choose to eat differently YES. Is it to please another or so someone will acknowledge me NO.

I choose to be happy vibrant, appreciative every day and experience all that life shows for me to release any old or undercurrent feeling around self-worth.

I am learning to BE the driver of my mind and have the greater part of myself playing in the game of my life experiences. Mind body and soul as one awesome experience Over the coming weeks I am going to track this journey.

I have only just begun. Am I nervous YES but this is a journey of self-discovery and serenading to the process with the intent to release the old stories and patterns.

See You tomorrow.

Love always




Jenny and Gary Leather

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