Day 27 – What do I want to create throughout my life?

Day 27 – What do I want to create throughout my life?

Day 27 – What do I want to create throughout my life?

To find a duplicable path to experience joy and happiness beyond the daily apparent challenges that appears.

To let go of the story that says challenges is wrong, it is apparent the test comes before I acquire the insights available for my personal growth.

If it is my destiny to inspire / support others, so be it, if not that is OK as well.

With the understanding that all that is showing is ultimately supporting me to remember my greatest potential. Whether it is: the weight loss journey, the financial upheaval or the business evolvement that I have showing up presently in my reality. It is a matter at watching the synchronicity of the unfolding events that are occurring and how I feel in any moment.

Alongside the apparent events I have incredible support working with my friend and coach Isabel Vidal from South Africa and Nicole Rigato who is supporting me to work with and through St John of God, Very interesting times.

Life is always offering keys to support understanding or personal healing.

Is there a common theme? Yes to each of these experiences in the past I have given my power away for a multitude of reasons I am no longer prepared to accept.

So now I need to be awake, observe with inquisitive eyes.

Each situation without judgement of right or wrong, if it is present it is as it is. Tuning in regularly to see how I am feeling while having the intent to allow all these emotions to keep moving through and beyond me. In recognising whether these thoughts predominately inspire me to keep moving forward or are they holding me back. I am happy to say I feel very motivated to keep going with the flow of my life.

The relaxed content space that I am holding feels good, the unknown is present yet I am Ok for now. The self-judgement has greatly eased and I feel I am flowing with life.

Ready for a new and exciting day!

Enjoy the day

Love always



Day 15 – Cleaning up the Past

Day 15 – Cleaning up the Past

You are the designerDay 15 – Cleaning up the past

It’s funny when I finally decided to clean up my living environment I found I was ready to work on other challenging areas of my life. I spent 2 years addressing all the issues that presented themselves before I was ready to travel this journey with ease.

Suggestions: Start by cleaning up your home and wardrobe. A question Gary asks clients: Is your wallet tidy? I stated to consciously ensure my wallet was tidy, all the notes around the right way and receipt put away for the tax man? We studied with Reverend Ike, he explained how money needed to be respected for it to have the desire to stay or return to you. I think I just went a little off track but still valuable category to check.

Next I approached the workplace; the outstanding paperwork needed attending too and then filed for the taxman etc. I spent months getting all this done.  Last but definitely important was the relationship issues that were present, in tidying up these areas I was preparing for the new to appear.

I have found sometimes I needed to let people go who are no longer in alignment with my forth coming journey. I did this coming from the energy of love, knowing they needed to do other things. If I felt angry or hurt it was time for me to own these feeling and to choose too let them go.   I remained in the energy of gratitude as the heavy energy was being removed from my body.

If I was to encourage people to stay in my life or to If I had decided to change myself so that I would fit into their world would have stolen my energy along with my dreams. It was time to let them go.

I remember having to let go of 2 very close girlfriends, the grief that I felt is unexplainable. I was later to realise that their gift to me was to heal this grief at a very deep level. Maybe I would not have been able to access this pain without such a great loss. I thank them for being present in my life for 25 and 40 years.

I can see how challenging situations have assisted me to heal deep self-doubt and lack issues that I was not even aware were present until I was put under pressure. This healing work now allows me to move forward with my vision of inspiring others to connect and follow their heart.

What makes your heart sing?

In working with numerous clients I have seen the lack comes from believing there is something missing in our lives. I remember feeling as though I was lacking a connection with a part of me that had been trying to support my journey all along. Some people call this their soul, spirit or higher self. I had slipped into playing the game called life from solely my minds perspective, ultimately the mind started to control my life and the spirit was totally ignored unconsciously. Obviously a little more complex than can be explained here.

It was time for me to bring back balance into my life by learning to listen to my internal guidance! Then start designing a life in alignment with my heart’s desire. The mind then becomes a companion supporting this new vision.

Have a great weekend, do something special for yourself.

Love always




Jenny and Gary Leather

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