Day 12 – Believe in Yourself!

Day 12 – Believe in Yourself!

You Are PerfectDay 12 – Believe in Yourself

Day 12 – Wow how a great night sleep has me feeling rested and content in myself. Over the last couple of years I have not been sleeping well yet blamed it on my age. I went through menopause with amazing ease other than poor sleep. I decided a long time ago not to worry or focus on the number of hours just check in to how I was physically feeling each morning.

Yesterday I decided to get a multi vitamin tablet for women over 50 and Yes last night I slept probably 10 hours, AMAZING. I understand yesterday I did some healing work and yes I was tired so I will let you know how I go over the coming month.

I have never been one for taking a tablet for every little dis-ease that present, intuitively I always knew there was other ways that could help. The power of the mind body spirit combination and the willingness to let go of emotional feelings around experiences in my life has had massive healing properties..

It is interesting that we wait until a traumatic event arises before we go in search of answers. I wonder is it human nature to wait until we are sick? How beneficial would it be to do research now so the dis-ease in our body does not even become a reality in the NOW.

From my reality we are the script writers of our movie called “Our Life Journey”, I chose all the cast members (YES all the cast) and I am designing how this movie will play out. I have all have previously chosen the things I need to learn and experience in this life time so I can heal at a deep level for once and for all time. Stay with me if this is a stretch for you because this reality has given me the power to design my future as I want to experience it. I am happy to answer any questions that arise.

When I started to clean up the body from the inside both physically and emotionally I was able to find myself dreaming about the way life could be. I started to make a list of what I would like to do and see in the coming years. I have created a collage of picture to support me to remember what these things will look, feel, smell, sound and BE like for me.

I have done this numerous times and over the following years I cross them off as they became a reality.

Interesting to review when life went off track I stopped dreaming and setting intent, I froze and could no longer see possibility. I understand how this can become reality you are so intent on giving yourself a hard time. Going over and over what went wrong and how you could have been so stupid to get caught in the illusion. Hoping someone would come along to rescue you. If this is you, the answer is in letting go of the feelings that are draining your energy / life force particles. You will need support of loving friend or coach.

Welcome to the real world, I now realise that when you are living full out, every now again you get caught in the ego of thinking you are playing this game without a greater help. That is why I created the “Reclaim Your Power flipchart” it supported me to see where my mind was at in a glance.

I now realise I would be dead if I had really lost connection with a higher part of myself permanently. The ups and downs were present for me to heal the feelings on a deeper level than I  consciously understood. I decided to surrender to what was required for me to reach my potential to achieve that which I was here to do.

I believe it is to inspire people to find and love themselves to share their individual gifts with the world.

Have a great day

Love always



Day 10 – Who do you Love the Most?

Day 10 – Who do you Love the Most?

Start by loving YourselfDay 10 – Who do you love the most?

Time for the answer to be YOU!

As mother we tend to say our children, as children we might say our parents. As wives we may say our husbands but not too many women or men say themselves. Why is that?

In truth we cannot give what we do not have, so if we do not love ourselves then how can we really love another?

Could there be other games playing? One that has us playing small so we do not remember our own potentia.

l What are we really trying to get?

1. Approval to be shown that we deserve to be loved because in truth underneath people judge themselves harsher than anyone else would ever dare to do.

2. Save someone so then they can be beholden to you in some way

3. Be rescued because we do not believe in ourselves enough to know we will be OK.

4. Power – some people enjoy being in charge and having things done their way it gives them a level of importance.

All these situations can become addictive to a point we don’t even know we are playing the game. What if we were to realise we do not need anything from another, that we hold all the answers ourselves, we have forgotten our potential. What would happen if we stated by making ourselves NO1 for a part of everyday?

What if we were to ask for something that was really important to us, even knowing our partners would not approve. Would that be OK?

I have found when working with clients when they answer NO they are more likely to have a eating problem. Eating is a way to dull down our own potential, we get into a cycle of giving ourselves a hard time for being overweight, if this is true, who are we to have dreams of greatness? Crazy cycle that needs a light shined on it now.

When you understand what you desire is important enough to be acknowledged you may be surprised to see how solutions arise. The gift comes from how you feel when you decide to make yourself no1, maybe anxiety arises, what will people think, perhaps I will lose my partner. If either of these fears is true then they may not be the people you would want to be with today. If they only love you when you are playing victim game then I would be asking do they really love me.

The gift comes in letting go of the feelings, surrendering them to a higher power or get support initially until your own power returns.

This whole process needs to be done gently explaining it is not that you do not love your friend or partner yet this is a new phase of your life that you are exploring and some things may need to change. If they really love you they will be inspired even if not at first. They may feel threatened because people usually do not like change; this is none of your business they have to learn to deal with their feelings.

Start by making a list of you gifts and talents, YES we all have them start NOW

Speak soon Have a great day

Love always


Day 9 – Let No One steal your Dreams

Day 9 – Let No One steal your Dreams

If everything stays the same you are not growing into your potentialDay 9 – Let NO ONE steal you Dream

How many times do we surrender what we want to allow someone else to be right or happy?

What is the price to your energy and life force particles?

As many women do I always wanted to buy or do the things that made my family happy. Happy family equalled secure Jenny. I am not saying this is wrong it definitely is a phase that we travel but when do we decide it is our time.

I remember someone asking me “how I like my eggs cooked”. I thought what a crazy question until I realised I was not sure, I always did what the family asked. I decided to try, boiled, fried, scrambled, egg benedict, omelette and poached and the only one I really enjoyed was fried with a soft yoke.

This had me looking at all different areas of my life, what I did and did not like? When you choose what you really like the life force particles start running back into your body. When you make yourself feel good everyone else benefits anyway. Gary now says “happy wife, happy Life” I think he is right.

What will happen if you really don’t know what makes you happy? You may continue giving you energy to another until you are so tired you cannot make different choices.

Stop now, change the game and start by making a list of the small things that make you feel good.

– A cup of tea in peace

-A soak in the bath

– Meeting a friend for coffee

– Time out to read a book

Then make sure one of these items is in your life EVERY day consciously. When we are awake to making choices for us then more opportunities will arise. Gary knows that if I am feeling flat and he makes me a cup of tea and say go have a relaxing bath, everything get turned around for the better.

The happier we are the more likely we will make choices to eat healthy food to support our vision of how we are looking out in the world “Slim, Trim and Terrific”

Have a great Day, thanks for reading!

Love always Jenny

Day 8 – How one area of our life affects all componants

Day 8 – How one area of our life affects all componants

Day 8 – How one area of our life affects all components.

It seems to me life tries to send us ways to heal our limiting beliefs to awaken to our potential. For 30 years I struggled with my weight. On review it was never that bad maybe 10 – 12 kg before something inside of me said “Enough is enough what are you doing girl?”

Then I would change my action for a short while and get the response I desired. Then there appears to be a pattern, one day someone would mention how great I looked and within 2 months the weight would start to come back on. This was a journey I think I have repeated 15 -20 times over 34 years. What was I missing? What was going on within me that repeated this over and over again?

All the data says most people who put lose weight regain slightly more by the next year. The more we diet the bigger we get so obviously the dieting was not working in the long term. Interesting what do you do when you lose things? For me you go find them, interesting how we all go find those lost kilo’s. The power of our words!

If all experiences on earth are here for us to heal something at a deeper level maybe I had missed an amazing opportunity.

On review I think I have hit the nail on the head but for me it took the MAC TRUCK to hit me so that I would finally awaken to how I sabotaged my life. The mac truck came as a financial meltdown due to a property development collapsing after the GFC and numerous other things imploding due to level of debt.

It appears if you do not listen to early prompts they only get bigger.

– I was to experience

–  A son having cancer

– My only brother died on train station after massive heart

– Invested large sum of money with a businessman referred by friends and lost the lot.

– Middle son had a work place accident amputating 4 fingers

– Our property development went into liquidation after the GFC.

– Financial challenges escalate.

– Lost Family home

– Huge credit card debt

Before I was finally ready to heal what was within me that needed releasing. What else would need to happen for me to realise I was a common denominator in all these situations.

Now I want to make it very clear this is not about blaming yourself it is about grabbing the gift of healing as soon as possible.

I now realise if I had of known how to heal the emotions around why I eat maybe my life would have taken a different turn. I also understand all is perfect I am experiencing and understanding this process because I am not the only one that will benefit.

In asking why did I turn to food? Could a group of people have an agenda about keeping people easily controlled? Maybe! Who benefits from all the process foods and diet products? How do people feel when they are overweight or giving their self a hard time for eating the food that is presented to us every day. Are we being sublimely programmed to eat mind dulling food? What would happen if we decided to love and nurture the temple we live in?

I imagine we would be feeling lighter, enthusiastic for life. Maybe we would even choose to live by different values all interesting topics to ponder. The power is in letting go of emotions that limit our potential to BE HAPPY.

Enough for today to ponder.

Love Always


Day 7 – This too shall Pass

Day 7 – This too shall Pass

Day 7 – “This too shall Pass!” Day7

This has been a comment that has saved me from going crazy.

Yesterday when I was trying to do something on the computer and was getting very frustrated I noticed the headache appeared “Stress”. My usual pattern would have been to go to the fridge and eat a chocolate biscuit and then put the kettle on for a cup of tea before I have another biscuit, probably 500 calories. It is not the calories that concerned me; it is that I would have done this without me being aware or awake to the fact. It had just become a habit that I could repeat numerous times a day.

Especially for people who are going through a crisis in their lives. The food dulls the pain, it takes energy away to digest the food and you end up feeling tired and needing more food. Crazy roller coaster! There is another way “Deal with the emotional Pain” that is what I love to help people to do. I am following my own medicine by doing this blog. So yesterday I went and got a large glass of water along with a couple of deep slow breaths and remaindered myself “This too shall Pass”. Guess what 30 minutes later I noticed the headache had gone.

Congratulate myself for recognising an old pattern that had previously sabotaged my success.

We all have the voice of a saboteur that really does not like the idea of change or being accountable for what is present in our lives. For me she (I have given her a name sally saboteur) sounds like poor woe me, no one will understand what I am talking about. I have not got a university degree so who am I to give other people advice. When sally is around I walk different, I dress different (Who really cares) I also notice that there is a different tone to my voice, flat, no energy. She always lacks motivation and direction.

Are you aware of your saboteur voice, in what areas of your life do you sabotage your success?

It is very powerful to get to know this voice because when your recognise it you will know you are probably feeling a bit vulnerable or fearful of something. These are usually the emotions that trigger the saboteur to be activated. In truth it is a part of you that does not like change but when you learn to reassure her that all is Ok that together you are moving to a fulfilling life, she will settle down.

I now am excited when I see her appear for a couple of moments because it reassures me I am growing and moving forward.

Bring it on! Have a great day

Love to hear your thought or questions on my journey.

Love always


Jenny and Gary Leather

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